Thursday, June 14, 2012

Teeth & Graduating

Today is one of those days where I just wanna sit on the couch and catch up on my DVR and browse the interwebs! Last night's 4 mile run was a doosey & my body is feeling a little achy, so I'm taking a rest day today on the exercise routine. It might just be the heat but I'm going to listen to my body. I think it's telling me to give it a rest and drink up lots of water today. 

I've cut down on blog writing since Angelo & I have started our own company. The work load has been increasing steadily and I'm in charge of the website & all accounting/money stuff, so it's been a lot of trips to the bank & car auction. We really aren't home all that much and if we are I'm cleaning, cooking, or playing with Sophia. 
I have to give Angelo TONS of credit here because he really is a genius when it comes to all things car parts. Another reason I just lub him so much! ;)  

On Tuesday Sophia turned 10 months old! 
AH! Time to REALLY start planning her birthday party instead of pinning pictures on Pinterest and daydreaming. I can't believe it's less than 2 months away! That really messes with my emotions!! 
And if that isn't enough, yesterday Sophia graduated Level 2 at Gymboree. She was obviously super excited and I FINALLY got a picture of her two teeth!
It's become obvious that she has outgrown level 2 and basically runs crawls circles around everyone. 
Look at her go!


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