Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Home/Family Photos

Happy Hump Day! 

I was reminded last week that I never posted my family photos from our "New Home Phase 1 of 3" photos. (What a title...)

I told y'all that we are doing a three part photo series to document our new home. 
We purchased a piece of property last year, sold our home, and now building a custom home on that piece of property. In the mean time we are living with my's not that bad. :)

We FINALLY got the plans approved by everyone (HOA and County), but still waiting for some papers for the loan, digging up the septic tank, the well, and about 2 feet of dirt to bring in new dirt since the land was a phosphate mine many many years ago. Do you know what all that means? That means the actual building hasn't even started and there is still things to do before it starts. Boy..oh boy has it been a process! 

Just talking about it requires a martini! 

But getting these pictures makes this waiting game a lot sweeter.


Don't hold your breathe for part 2 because at this rate it'll be awhile! :) 


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