Monday, January 30, 2012

Week End Run Down

Hope everyone had a GREAT week! Is Sunday anyone else's favorite day? I love it! So relaxing, and the only day of the week Angelo doesn't have to do any work. 

Random thoughts during this week:

I want to go back to school…next year.

I know why women cut their hair off after having kids.  I’m thinking about cutting mine short for the summer. Sophia grabs, yanks, and puts it in her mouth ALL THE TIME. It’s also been thrown up on 2 seconds before walking out the door. Most of the time it’s up in a ponytail.

I don’t know what to think about Protein drinks. All I know is that they give me gas! Haha I look at them as extra just calories and most of them don't taste too good. This is the last one I've tried. Has anyone tried this brand? Thoughts?

I think a girl is most pretty when she smiles.  I see so many pictures of girls on FaceBook with weird faces trying to make their lips bigger or cheeks slimmer. Instead of “Oh she looks beautiful!” it’s “What is she doing?” (Duck face google search)

Putting down a family pet doesn’t make for a good day/week/month. After a wonderful 10.5 years, my mom & dad had to put down Noah, our family Great Dane. He was old and had a hard time the last couple of months and just never looked happy anymore. We know it was his time to go but it’s still sad not to be able to see him anymore. I know he’s in doggie heaven now running around, bugging all the female dogs, without any pain in those long legs of his!

I have about 3 mini heart attacks a day because of Sophia. I can only imagine what I’ll be like when she’s up and walking, getting into everything around the house!

I have packs of gum in the kitchen, bedroom, car, and diaper bag. Hi my name is Alex and I am a gum addict.

This might be the first year I get a tax refund in 3 years. Supa excited! $$

Now it’s Marvelous Monday! Cheers to a productive week! (takes a sip of coffee)


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