Monday, June 1, 2015

Boy Baby Shower: Everything Denim

Hey guys! How is everyone? Hope you had a great weekend!

This weekend was really relaxing and "boring" according to Angelo. We had absolutely no plans to do anything except Sunday afternoon. 

Angelo attempted to make plans to go to Busch Gardens but that quickly got shot down because I just didn't want to go anywhere.


We leave on vacation this Wednesday (T-2 days) and all I planned on doing this weekend was baby shower prep, break down and clean the Tower Garden, loads of laundry, and pack the girl's suitcases. And you know what? ALL that got done! Woohoo, things crossed off my list!

Sunday afternoon was my best friend's, Alisha, baby shower.

She is welcoming a baby boy in July and we showered her with love and everything blue. 
She is the first one out of our girlfriend's group to have a boy! Can you believe that? Well I guess we are all just now getting to the age where having babies is the "thing to do" so I'm sure many more boys will be added to the mix in the upcoming years. 

But there always has to be a first, and baby Brix will be the first boy to grace our play dates with his presence. Exciting times! 

The baby shower we threw for Alisha and Brix was everything denim. 
We used various shades of blue, denim, and burlap for the decorations.
Blue table clothes with burlap runners. 
Denim outfits strung on a string 

Pallet painted blue with a burlap and denim wreath and various custom onsies.

No party is complete without CakePopsByLu
We had four different kinds of cake pops made. Plain blue and tan pops, monogram pops, and pregnant belly pops. All delicious, and all beautifully made.

It was a beautiful event for them and I couldn't be happier for Alisha, Josh, and Harper. 

Best Friends: Harper, Alisha, Sophia, Me, and Penelope.

See, did I not tell you there is literally all girls around us?!
Family: Me, my mom, Katie (sister-in-law), and our kids/girls!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and looking ahead to a great week!



  1. GAH! I just committed I swear but now I don't see it! So sorry if this is a duplicate. I am so impressed by all the denim details. I had no idea you were such a good event planner!!

    1. Thanks love! I had a lot of help by crafty women! :)

  2. Awesome boy bridal shower. Really liked all your arrangements. The small baby t- shirts are simply looking fabulous and cake is looking very awesome. Have to organize my sister’s baby shower at one of New York venues. Will look for some good ideas online.