Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap: Need to work on my listening face

Hey!! Happy Monday? 
Yes, yes happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

We took this weekend to unwind and relax, I mean really, we did absolutely nothing of importance other than spend time together...and it was perfect. 

By Sunday morning Sophia was getting stir crazy and kept asking to go somewhere. Angelo needed to go get fitted at the tux shop for a wedding he's in, so we headed to the mall. 

Turns out the tux shop isn't even inside the mall! 
So after an hour of this...

...we left the mall with a stroller looking like this!
Two walking balloons, two build-a-bears, and two pairs of crocs with princess inserts.

And that my friends is what happens when you bring the kids to the mall with no purpose other than to kill time. 

After the kids hustled us for all we had in our pockets, we had a family lunch at Cheesecake Factory. We haven't been in a long time, and there menu is outrageously huge that you'd bound to find something you like, right? 
What do you usually get at The Cheesecake Factory? I like their Thai Lettuce wraps. 

Sophia is into taking pictures right now, so she snapped a few of of me and Angelo. 
This 2nd picture is hilarious because I have no idea why we are making those faces to the lady next to us. All I remember is an enjoyable conversation, but you wouldn't conclude that after looking at this picture. LOL

This summer Sunday night was ended on a fresh note with a summer salad. 
Arugula and Spinach with Feta cheese, almonds, Peaches, and Mint Vinaigrette. It was delicious!
Recipe for the dressing from Eating Well Magazine. (Find here)

This afternoon we are packing up and heading to a beach house for an entire week! 

I plan on bringing my computer and blogging/instagraming some from there, so see you tomorrow, from the sandy shores!



  1. Bahahaha! Her photos are a hoot! Have an amazing time at the beach! Look forward to seeing the photos! :)