Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tales From The Beach...with Kids.

Happy Hump Day!

On Monday afternoon the girls and I headed out to the beach house for a week of sun, fun, and water! It's become a July 4th tradition the past two years. 

July 4th 2014

The group of us includes my family, plus my brother Jay, Katie, Kennedy, Alisha, Harper, and Josh.

We've been relaxing  hanging out and doing nothing but playing, eating, drinking...and teaching these kids how to share. 

Sitting around yesterday we started talking about what it would be like if we didn't have kids with us and nobody in the group was about to give birth (Alisha's due date is a little over 2 weeks). Basically we'd be over at the beach tiki bar, hanging around at the pool, reading magazines, getting sun, maybe a trip to the spa, and most likely 100% tipsy. 

There is no argument that vacationing with kids, is something some people wouldn't even call a vacation. I'm talking young kids, under the age of 5. 
It's exhausting at times, frustrating at times, but it's all about building these memories and having fun WITH OUR KIDS. But sometimes what we think would be fun for our kids, turns out not to be fun for anyone. 

That's how this morning went. 

We decided to take a early trip to the beach, figuring if there's any "best" time to go to the beach, it's as early as we can possibly get out there. 

We figured we'd only be there for about an hour, two at most, so we packed light. Sunscreen,towels, and water. We loaded the kids up in their strollers and down the road we strolled to the beach.

By the time we made it to the sand, the fun level was already at 70%. It was 10 am and miserably hot. 

A couple meters into the sand, towards the water, pulling two strollers and four kids with us. Fun level 50%. 

Then a very nice couple saw us struggling and helped us with the stroller. 
Fun level 60%.

Thinking about the way back without this wonderful help, I told the nice couple to just park our strollers by the grassy area (probably 100 yards from the ocean). We parked the strollers, gathered our valuables and headed to the water. 

All four kids were racing to the water, screaming "water!!" with excitement! (They've seen the ocean before...)
Fun level 100%!

We get to the shore line and the excitement stops. No one wants to go in the ocean. Partly because we're all secretly scared of getting that flesh eating bacteria and partly because the water was a bit choppy. The girls had little interest, other than looking at the waves come crashing in. 

We walked along the shore for maybe 5 minutes. Took some photos, sat in the sand, smiled, and thought about how much better the pool sounded than this sticky misery.

Getting the strollers back to the road was something out of a comedy. We had Alisha thinking she's about to go into labor, Harper not wanting anyone to carry her except Alisha. Me with the two girls, two beach bags, and a double stroller. And Katie with the stroller, cooler, and Kennedy.

I don't know if you've ever tried pushing a stroller in the sand, but let me highly discourage you from ever giving it a try.

We made it to the house, after all kids had their own kind of melt down along the way, and immediately jumped in the pool. We decided not to give the beach another go until the guys came back to help us with everything. 

While it had it's enjoyable moments, the experience was one that makes us wonder why we ever thought it was a good idea to being with. That's what we get for trying to create these fun adventures with the kids, when they're happiest in the pool with a Popsicle. :) Life with Kids. 

P.S. Alisha didn't go into labor.

Hope everyone is enjoying the week!! 



  1. Lol that was funny. We torture ourselves for the kodak moments don't we?! Glad you were able to enjoy the pool at least.

  2. HA! I would totally try to push a stroller in the sand! Have a fabulous vacation!