Friday, July 24, 2015

Chicken is an animal & Friday Faves


We've made it to the end of the week and it's glorious! Fri-Yay! 

Last night Sophia was full of questions! What's new? But day after day her questions become more and more interesting. It's incredible to watch her become aware of herself and surroundings as she grows. 

Last night we ate White Wine Herd roasted chicken, but I didn't take a picture so did it really happen? :) It did...

I give the girls the drumsticks because they like to eat them like cavemen. Who doesn't? In between bites Sophia blurted out "Is this chicken?! Like the ANIMAL chicken? Like I'm eating an animals that has fingers?!?!" She kept breaking off pieces of the chicken and asking which part of the chicken was it...."is this it's finger?" holding up a random piece of chicken meat.

It took me by surprise because I thought "oh she won't be eating chicken." But she actually finished her plate, was done with that conversation, and on to creating her nightly show for us. The girls dress up every night after dinner and put on a "show" of singing and dancing. Add that to my favorite things ever. 

Friday Faves

Family photo shoots

With the building of our custom house, we took part 1 of a 3 series photo shoot yesterday evening. We will do another shoot when the house is half way done, then the last shoot will be when the house is completed. I love the chaos that is a family photo shoot, or any photo shoot that involves kids. Sophia (almost 4 years old) was a little ham in front of the camera, showing off her poses and dance moves. Saying "take a picture of this!" while spinning around.  Penelope (20 months) was NOT liking the camera at the beginning and wouldn't let go of Angelo. She loosened up towards the end, so I'm hoping Christina, our photog, got some good shots of her without the "I just woke up" grump face. 

Matcha Tea
I jumped on the matcha tea train! Toot Toot! I've been putting a 1/2 - 1 tsp of matcha tea powder into my lattes. I've also looked up some intriguing recipes to make with matcha. It seems I have these weird addictions to gross tasting drinks. It all started with Kombucha. I wouldn't say kombucha is gross but I also wouldn't tell someone "It's soooo good!" either. Samsies with matcha. I bought a Matcha Latte drink from Fresh Market yesterday to compare it to what I've been making at home. Verdict: Mine is better.

F21 Workout Pants

I always ask for workout clothes for Christmas from the husband because that's when I'll get the expensive stuff. I don't know if you know, but a pair of Nike workout pants can put you in the hole $60-$80. Insane! So when I see cute, inexpensive workout clothes I jack. 

Flex Friday!
I adore Nelpe's "flex" face!

Around the web:

Limited Too is coming back!!! Bring on the fluffy pens and blow up furniture! I can only hope my kids will be equally excited about this store as I was growing up. 

Yesterday was National Hot Dog day! Did you celebrate? Sadly, I didn't...BUT I sure want to enjoy some of these places soon!

Tomorrow we adventure over to Fort De Soto for our first triathlon! Is it funny that I'm only nervous for the swimming part? And the only thing that I'm nervous about is having to swim in the ocean. I think I should be nervous about the transitioning parts (swim to bike - bike to run) or that half the running portion is in the sand...but I'm not. I HATE swimming in the ocean. Sooo..this should be fun! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday or follow me on Instagram to get a first look at our triathlon! 



  1. Awww that reminds me of those Youtube videos i've seen of kids who find out that they're eating pieces of an animal and get so emotional. Have you seen them?!

    1. HAHA I haven't seen those! I will have to look them up.