Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#HappyPrimeDay & Updates

Hey! Happy Hump Day to you or #HappyPrimeDay! 
Are you celebrating?

Prime Day is an event going on TODAY on for Prime members. There are deals going on all day, some only for a few hours (Lightning deals) and other coupons that can be used throughout the day.

With Amazon boxes stacked at my door on the weekly, you know I've been checking out these deals since 7 am!  I've been keeping my eye out but have missed some great deals :(

I found a pair of Mizuno running shoes for $35.00! That's a steal but too good to be true since they have all been claimed for my size. I'm #79 on some sort of "waitlist" and at least they are being honest when they tell me my chance of getting that deal is "poor". LOL 

I've seen deals on practically everything. Toys, shoes, clothes, vitamins, tools, electronics, TVs, jewelry, baby bottles, dog treats, kitchen name it! The ones I've wanted have been 100% claimed so far. 
It's one of those things that you don't know you need it until you see it on sale...then YOU GOTTA HAVE IT! Hopefully I get lucky with at least 1 purchase.

Anyways, on to other things!

Monday night I went out with some ladies that I sit next to during PTA meetings. Ladies who have become good friends! Every time we're together it's been a blast! 
Isn't it funny how you meet someone in one environment, but then again in a different environment? I guess you don't really know someone until you go out to dinner and a mask comes out of their purse! 

Also, this past Monday was the first "Meatless Monday" for Al2getherFIT! I announced on my Instagram that I will now be featuring a meatless recipe every Monday! Exciting stuff so make sure you're following @Al2getherFIT on Instagram! 

Yesterday I went to the gym after dropping off Sophia at camp. It was my first time going to the gym early, as I usually go with Angelo after work around 6pm. On Thursdays I go to a class called Body Attack. It's a 30 min class followed by a 30 min CXworks class that's basically all abs/core stuff. Well, in the mornings Body Attack is an hour long. I almost died but loved every minute! 

After sweating to death, and taking a shower, Jamie at Images Salon cut off my hair. Short hair, don't care. I figured it was my last cut of the summer, so might as well get it shorter than usual. Just trying to beat this awful summer heat! Awful, only when I'm at work. Good when I'm by the pool. :) Right?!
We are getting family pictures done tonight on our property so I'll hopefully get some sneak peaks for you and the new (hair)do! I would post a selfie, but selfies are linked to mental disorders and I'm just not a fan. LOL #SorryNotSorry ?

All caught up on life? I think so! :)

Have a great day loves! #HappyPrimeDay!


Are you shopping Prime Day at Amazon? 


  1. HA! I didn't realize it was prime day today--must have missed those emails, lol! Oh goodness! I'll have to go check it out! (And that mask is awesome btw!)

  2. Prime Day was poopy for me. Hopefully you found something. I was underwhelmed. Looking forward to meatless Monday.

  3. Prime Day was a bust for me.

    But that salad...oh my! Did you make it yourself or is that a restaurant salad? If restaurant, which one??