Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Recap: Cancelled plans

Happy Monday to you!
Hope you all woke up on the right side of the bed today to start the week! ;)

Friday night was pizza night and the calm before the triathlon storm. We got all our gear together and chilled out. We tried to call it an early night, but ended up going to bed around 10pm, after setting our alarm clocks for 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning
The girls testing out the gear.

Saturday, with an early wake up call, we headed to Fort De Soto to do our first triathlon! When we arrived and headed to the registration tent with our bikes, the nerves kicked in! I was so excited to check this off my bucket list but also still very nervous about the whole swimming in the ocean thing. 
Being our first one, we literally had no idea what to do or expect.

Where do we put all our stuff?
Where do we just our bikes?
Were do all these stickers go!?
Will I have to fight off a shark?! 

All part of the mental preparation...

My brother was with us and had participated in a Triathlon a couple years ago, so we followed him and tried not to look like total rookies. Tried...

We got our numbers, stickers, and running bibs, and headed to the transition area to set up. I looked around and just copied what everyone else was doing.
THEN Angelo says, "Alex you're supposed to put your bike in the rack with your number on it."
"Oooooh ok..." 

Once that was done and we had nothing else but our swimming caps and goggles left, we headed to the beach to hang out at the starting point. It was about 5 minutes till start time and the wind was picking up. The weather wasn't horrible, but it wasn't looking good. Then lightning stuck in the distance, and all paddle boarders and kayaks left the water. We stood around and chatted with a veteran Triathlete for a good 30 minutes before they officially canceled the race.

I was super bummed! I kept thinking "the weathers getting better!", when everyone around me was saying it was getting worse. I didn't want to believe it was going to get canceled. I wanted to do this triathlon so bad!!!
I didn't receive a medal or cross any finish line, but  I completed my own little version of a  Duathlon at the gym later in the afternoon and that would have to be good enough.
The rest of our Saturday was spent watching movies, cooking dinner, eating, and going out for ice cream!

Sunday, all refreshed from a half day of relaxation, we headed to church and then to the mall to meet Alisha, Josh, Harper, and baby Brix.

Brix slept peacefully, only waking up to eat, and the girls played and got lots of energy out in the play area.
Sophia explaining how to use her new slap band watch.

We made a stop at the Disney store were the girls were set free to pick out one toy each.
Harper picked a Cinderella Barbie doll, Sophia picked a tiara and sticker set, and Penelope picked an Aladdin doll.

Bar Louie was the choice restaurant for lunch.

Although I was majorly bummed out on Saturday after the race was canceled, it ended up being an enjoyable weekend! The sun actually shined a bit yesterday morning, but the rains eventually came back.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

It looks like we're in store for another week of monsoons. Stay dry everyone!



  1. Oh what a bummer. But better to be safe than sorry. Triathlons are fun :)

    1. Yes, the weather only got worse! I'm so excited to do one hopefully soon!

  2. Seems like we are all struggling with this rain!! I can't wait for the sun to come back out!!

    1. Me neither!! Today looks a little better :)