Thursday, July 30, 2015

Goal Check-In: Fitness in 2015

Hey yall! 
Today is a good day to check in with some goals...right?!
Below are the 2015 fitness goals I set out do achieve on January 1st. 

• Run 2015 miles in 2015! This is being split by Angelo & I, so it equals 1007.5 miles each.
• Try some fitness "trends“.  I would really like to try an Orange Theory or Crossfit class, just to see what the rage is about. I will not to sucked in. 
• Join a running group. I am apart of 3 running groups on Facebook but don't ever go to the scheduled weekly runs. I think joining will help me accomplish my running goals and make new friends! Always fun.
• Run at least 1 race a month.
• Run 4 half marathons (one every quarter). 
• Ride our bikes more often, I'm going to say once a month. 
• Try new sports. I want to try paddle boarding (is that a sport?) and golf this year. 

Let's see where I'm at with those...

Run 2015 miles in 2015:
This is still going, just at a slower pace right now. It started out really good. We were training for some races and we had our running courses all mapped out around the house and getting in some nice runs! By March, when we moved, the routine got hit by a bus. We don't have a good running path where we are now because there isn't much sidewalk around us and the running would have to be done alongside busy roads. Not exactly what I want to do with a double stroller. 75% of our running is done on the treadmill right now. Anything over 4 miles on the treadmill is hard for me. Maybe I can push through that mindset and go longer soon since it's one of my only options right now. 

Try some fitness "trends"
I've doing some different fitness things other than running! YAY! I've started spin classes, training for triathlons (our scheduled triathlon got cancelled), and TRX. All these are some of my favorite things at the moment. I still would like to do an OrangeTheory class sometime, and currently looking for another triathlon to register for AFTER summer to avoid it getting cancelled again by these torturous rains. 

Join a running group..
This hasn't happened and I haven't even looked further into it. I know there is a local Wednesday night running group. I think I need to bite the bullet, so maybe August will be the month!

Run at least 1 race a month.
I haven't been the greatest at this. I honestly just forget to sign up for races and by the time I remember it's either way too expensive or it's just too late and we've already made plans for that weekend. I even signed up for a race in May, totally forgot about it and didn't go. Where's my mind?!  I'm determined to stop that trend and signed up for some races TODAY! I We will be doing the 5K Zoo Run on August 22nd and the the HSCO Ranch Run 15K on Sept 19th. That leaves me with my half marathons during the last three months of the year. It's all about planning! 

Run 4 half marathons
1/4 have been accomplished. Can I run 3 halfs in the next 5 months? The only problem with this is that half marathons aren't abundant until Oct-Dec, so it's looking like I'll have to run 3 in the last 3 months of the year. I can do that. Anyone wanna join?!

Ones on my radar:
Oct 25th - FrankenFooter Half Marathon
Nov 1st - XTerra Wildhorse Trail Run
Nov 15th - X-Country Half Marathon
Nov 29th - Space Coast 
Dec 6th - Brandon Half Marathon

Ride our bikes more often, I'm going to say once a month. 
Since training for a triathlon, we've used our bikes more this month than we have all year! We bought Sophia a tandem bike attachment since she's grown too big for the other one and Penelope loves biking on her seat! It's become a favorite family activity. 

Try new sports.
Again, the triathlons have helped us get into some other sports like cycling and swimming.
Check that off the list! :)
Don't worry, I'm not drowning... :)

So there you have it. I think I'm doing really well with my goals this year, at least the fitness one. I've become so active in achieving them and it feels oh so good! There will be more posts about the other ones coming soon.

How are your 2015 goals coming along?
Have any of them changed?



  1. You are doing great!! I need to set some goals for the last 6 months of 2015! Thanks for the inspiration! (BTW I believe there is a Running for Brews in Brandon, that's my running club!) I'll try Orange Theory with you sometime, too!

  2. Check-out BRA! is the club Brad and I belong to (although neither of us have been very active since we've been planning for Baby Ganey). They have lots of family friendly and open runs 6 days a week. They also attend Running for Brews in Brandon/Valrico on Wednesday at JF Kicks.

    Also, best to plan the calendar of races far in advance. Try out:

    You can see the races out there and their distances to plan for yourself or your family run :)