Wednesday, July 29, 2015

First Influenster & Finding Good Lighting

Happy hump day!
How is your week going so far? GREAT?! Good!

Last night I had a blast strolling through Hyde Park Village in Tampa checking out all the shops and restaurants! It was a blogger stroll that I did along with some other awesome bloggers in Tampa. The stroll was a scheduled 5-8pm event. There was no way we could of experienced everything Hyde Park Village has to offer in that short time frame. The time flew by, and before you know it, it was 8:30pm and I still had half my list unchecked. But it was time to head home and show the girls all the swag I got them. That just means I must go back to "stroll" around some more!

Look for my post tomorrow all about the shops and restaurants I visited around Hyde Park Village! :)

Along with that excitement, I received my 1st Influenster box in the mail! Check out this stuff! 

I can't wait to try these products out and share my opinion with you. 

Also, yesterday I had a sudden realization about lighting. The girls, Angelo, and I were goofing off in the kitchen and one of the light enclosures on the ceiling broke. (Oppies) All of a sudden, there was all this light! FYI:Our current living quarters has terrible lighting. The kitchen, living room, bathroom,'s a mystery as to how I even put make up on these days! It's become a task to get good pictures with good lightning in the house. I did find some good lighting though...outside on the porch.  

With this new house build, its my new mission to make sure the lighting is incredible! It's forced me to google and research lighting. Isn't it funny a tiny incident like breaking a light enclosure can bring a new light (pun intended) to a subject such as lighting. (Too much use of the word lighting...READ THIS so I can stop)
I told my dad he needs to replace all those light fixtures the name of my Instagram photos! LOL :)

All this lighting talk reminds me of that Seinfeld episode
Major cool points if you know what I'm talking about! **These points can not be redeemed for anything.**

The rest of this week is looking good with regular mom and work duties, workouts, and eating good food. The last two nights I haven't cooked, so tonight, it's on! 

It's all easy going from here..Friday is in sight. 


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