Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pathetic things Adults Get Excited About

Pathetic things Adults Get Excited About!

1. Fancy kitchen gadgets - every infomercial about the latest and greatest blender gets your full attention. That cool little sandwich cutter? Gotta have it! 

2. Sales - Everyone who buys their own stuff can get excited about a sale. When you KNOW you have to buy a new pirate costume every year for the Gasparilla parade, you'll squeal with delight when you see them on sale. Same with kids shoes, or any shoes! Kids don't appreciate sales. All they want is that $50 Build-A-Bear they'll play with for 1 day. Why? Because they ain't payin'!

3. Checking things off a to-do list. It could be cleaning the baseboards...a.k.a. the worst thing ever! But, once it gets on that to-do it's bound to get done. Why? For the satisfaction of crossing that sucker off!

4. Chores - Chores can be like therapy. I don't know who I am when I say "can you watch the kids while I go pick weeds?" It's like I'm ALMOST excited to get out and pick weeds. 

5. Bowel movements - Did you ever think about what you actually just did after cheering and high-fiving your toddler about pooping? You're cheering about poop! Enough said. 

6. Small achievements - who has hopped up and down clapping like a seal when your kid scores a goal...during practice. Or let out a loud satisfactory sigh after getting the pickle jar open? 

7. Super Target - is anything more enjoyable than walking around target? 

8. No plans - having no plans is the holy grail of chill mode. When you wake up on a morning and realize you don't have anything on the calendar, it's a moment of bliss.

9. Dinner without kids - you can finish a meal? You can take your first bite of food without first filling up a sippy cup, cutting chicken into little pieces, or blowing on mac n cheese to cool it down? 

10. Conversations - I'm talking about the ones about living room rugs, 401ks, work, and history. Anything that doesn't involve the latest Disney show. Who are we?!

11. Drive thru's- you pass by Panera and think "oh I could really go for a You-Pick-two right now" then you notice that Panera has a drive thru! Then you catch yourself trying to twerk in your seat pulling into Panera. 

12. Clean windows - these last for a total of 0.6 seconds so you have to sit back and admire them for that split second. When you first clean them you stare at them with your head tilted to one side and silly smile on your face. Then your kid slams itself against it leaving oatmeal handprints behind. You shrug your shoulders and think "until next time..."

13. Desserts!  When you're an adult you can't keep a bunch of desserts and sweets in your house. You either don't want your kid eating them all the time, or you don't want yourself eating them all the time. So, when I'm really craving something sweet, and I find the last ice cream bar in the freezer... 

14. When your other half gets home from work - When you hear them pull in the driveway you yell "Kids! Daddy's hommmmmeeee!" So they all run over to the door and wait to jump on him while you sit on the couch for 2 uninterrupted minutes.
What is a little/pathetic thing that gets you so excited you could dance?! Please share!



  1. you just described my very near future and it made me smile :) haha, this was funny.. thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE this. I get them ALL. Even the kid ones, I babysat long enough to sometimes be SO relieved when I heard the garage door open and the parents were home!