Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Life Updates


What's Been Going On?

am only making excuses for the blog post cutbacks the past couple weeks, but I find it hard to find stuff to write about after writing about vacation for an entire week

The notes app in my phone is FILLED with half finished blog posts. I just need a bucket of coffee and some alone time to get some finished and published for your pleasure. 

I'm still here...promise! I have committed myself to cooking more the next two weeks, because another week of vacation is on the horizon. More like a STAY-CATION, but still a vacation none-the-less.

So here are some updates on life. 
Our weekend looked like this:
Friday night was a rainy night. Angelo had a soccer game and we stayed home and made delicious Strawberry PoppySeed salad. Penelope couldn't keep her hands off the pecans! My kind of gal. 

Saturday we went to Busch Gardens, where we talked to the King of the jungle for a little while. We went early in the morning, when the animals are hungry, and it was fun watching them chase the birds. 

Penelope's elbow got dislocated and a quick (and expensive) trip to the ER happened on Sunday. All is well, and we spent the rest of Sunday feasting at my brother's house. 

Other things going on:

1. The Tampa Bay Lightning LOST the Stanley Cup. I went back and forth with the excitement during these Championship game. I'm not a true hockey fan over here, just rooting for the home team. I don't understand why the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals are going on at the same time. It's never ending sports at the house right now and I'm tired of Angelo complaining about not getting enough sleep. :)

2. I am signing up for my first Sprint Triathlon! I am beyond excited and kind of nervous for this but it's been on my bucket-list for a long time! Now all I need to do it work on my swimming skills because I don't think the doggy paddle will get me very far.

3. Sophia started summer camp yesterday and summer doesn't feel like summer anymore. She's only going for a couple weeks, but it's definitely a whole different ball game when she's at camp. 

5. Janet Jackson is coming to Tampa!  and many other cities to promote her 1st album in seven years!! 

What are some things going on in your life right now?



  1. Which sprint triathlon did you work on! That's awesome! It's hard to keep going sometimes, isn't it? If you ever need a blogging buddy I'm happy to meet up for coffee and we can try and crank some out! :)

    1. Hey love! well, I signed up for the Top Gun Triathlon on 07/25 AND the Siesta Key one on 08/01. I don't know if I can do the 08/01 one anymore, but I am for sure doing the one on 07/25. I signed up for both because I didn't know when I would have a babysitter :)

      Coffee date would be great! I feel like I haven't seen you forever! :)

  2. did you *sign up for? My brain had the worst mix of tired mind and autocorrect there.