Thursday, June 25, 2015

Offspring in the Office

Back in May, I read about Rachel Zoe opening an office nursery. I used to watch The Rachel Zoe Project on E Network and would see her son running around the office, being a part of meetings, etc, so her opening a nursery in her office wasn't shocking to me. It fit her perfectly. 

I can relate to Rachel Zoe, not with the glitz and glam of being a celebrity stylist and fashion designer (one can dream...), but with bringing kids to the office.

I'm kind of a hybrid of a Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM), working mom, and Working-At-Home-Mom (WAHM). **FYI: I hate the phrase and label "working mom" because I think all moms are working...24/7. No arguments. 

My days are filled with school drop offs and pick ups, office work, bank runs, grocery runs, business meetings, and playdates. Almost everything I do, I do it with a kid in tow. 

I'm a Working-At-The-Office-Mom some days, a SAHM other days, but always a working mom. 

I'm extremely lucky to have an office all to myself, away from our call center, so I can bring Penelope to the office with me and work, without disrupting the entire office. 

Penelope has become used to the working routine. She goes to the bank with me, she comes to home closings with me, and she runs around the office while I try to have meetings. When Sophia doesn't have school or summer camp, she also tags along. It can be a zoo sometimes. 
It's not easy and there are thousands of reason why companies don't let their employees bring their kids to work. Trust me, I live through those reasons. 

But, like with everything else, you get in a routine and make it work. 

One thing that makes my situation work for me is that Penelope sleeps. Penelope will sleep almost every time we come to the office, for at least an hour or two (or three)! Even though this sleep occurs on top of me, trapping me in my chair, it actually forces me to get work done. See the positive in this?

Scenes from my work:

My computer: When Penelope isn't wondering around the office interrupting someone else's work day, she is on my lap watching dog/cat videos or Elmo. I'm lucky my monitor is huge so a split screen doesn't bother me much. Two monitors would probably work even better!

Penelope enjoying her afternoon nap...on my lap. Because where else is she supposed to sleep in the office? We have a couch, but she prefers the boppy and my lap. See my hand? It's stuck there and I get to type and move the computer mouse with one hand. #talent

My desk: Between my drinks and kid drinks, my desk is a beverage cart. Along with the liquids, there are books, scrap paper, and toys scattered around. Kind of like my house but all confined to my 6x3 desk.

My helper: When I'm reconciling the bank statements, Nelpe likes to go highlighter cray and mess up help me make the task go slower faster.

While I don't think kids can be welcomed into all offices (some are too dangerous and not safe), I think businesses who are opening office nurserys and allowing moms to bring their babies to work are changing lives. Even if you say "no way!", it's the fact that there is still the option. 

It doesn't work for everyone, but it works for me. 

What are your thoughts about bringing kids to work? 



  1. I LOVE the new acronym... WAHM! Maybe that's what I'll call myself once I pop this little bambino out? :) I don't really know how ideal it is to have your kids around when you work... but my dogs sleep most of the day, unless its 730am (where they spend half hour barking at the squirrels) or 4pm (when the spend 5min barking at the door as hubby walks in).

    Either way, there are tons of distractions in the workplace... might as well enjoy a little more time with the babies! :)

    1. LOL! Yes, kids or no kids, tons of distractions everywhere!

  2. Oh goodness! They are adorable, but wow! That does seem like it would be tricky!! I know that now that I'm working from home I even have trouble getting things done as organized as I'd like---I can't imagine having kids here with me, too!

  3. Too cute! It can be tricky. Our son has always been around the family run business. It does get easier - he's old enough now that he actually can help but is happy to hang out on an empty computer

    1. Yes, summer time has been the trickiest so far. :)