Friday, August 29, 2014

A Kid's Eats

Toddlers may be the pickiest eaters ever known to man. Some obviously pickier than others. I’ve been lucky with both my girls so far in the sense that 1. They’re just perfect little human beings and  2. They eat pretty much anything.

This has somehow become our "dining room" table. Thanks girls..

Sophia is 3 years old and while she has her junky favorites like chicken nuggets, French fries, macaroni & cheese, cake frosting, ice cream (This just so happens to also be my husband’s favorite food list), she’ll also eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and other proteins as long as we call them all “chicken”.

Nelpe is almost 10 months old and loves everything about food. Her favorites right now are sweet potatoes, carrots, avocado, and watermelon. She can’t get enough of those. She used to be relaly into bananas and blueberry, but turns her head to them now. She screams at us if we’re eating greek yogurt, ice cream, froyo, or anything that resembles yogurt. Screaming as in “give me some NOW!”

It’s easy to feed them at home or at a restaurant with so many options, and so many different ways of preparing/heating them. What isn’t so easy is sending Sophia to school with a packed lunch. I bought THIS bento box style lunch box for her so I didn’t have to send her to school with 3-4 different containers of stuff. Everything fits in one box and it’s glorious. Sophia loves it and was so excited to show me her new lunch box after school on the 1st day. (Hello kid, I was just as excited as you when I bought it 3 months before school started!)

Sophia’s lunch sides vary from week to week depending on what we have in the fridge. She always wants her turkey sandwich or chicken though!

Turkey&Cheese sandwich on Honey Wheat Bread, Stonyfield yogurt, grapes, watermelon, and a Earth'sBest snack bar 

Turkey&Cheese sandwich on Honey Wheat Bread (Heart shaped), Stonyfield yogurt, grapes and strawberries, and carrots

Her box usually comes home empty :)


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