Monday, August 25, 2014

Nutty Salty Caramel Weekend

Weekend Recap…

Does anyone else HAVE to have a certain kind of food on a certain day? For some reason, Angelo thinks we absolutely HAVE to have pizza on Fridays. WHYYYY?! It gets old, but whatever...gotta keep your man happy right? HA! He’s too easy.  We switch the restaurant up so it’s do-able.

Friday night we went over to Old Towne Pizzeria with family. Deep dish pizza and their famous strawberry salad were on our table and smiles were on our faces. 

Saturday Angelo went scalloping with my brother & some friends, while I took Sophia to her friend’s birthday party. There was a bouncy house, pool, water toys, chickens, and cake! Sophia’s heaven.
She only eats the frosting, then leaves the cake looking at me telling me to eat it. (I resisted on that day)

Saturday's dinner was left over pizza. I had a pizza salad in San Francisco a couple years ago and have loved them ever since. Any time I eat leftover pizza at home, I dump salad on top.
Remember: There's a piece of pizza under there so don't be thinking I ate like a rabbit for dinner. 

Sunday was a day of rest and chores around the house. We stopped over to my brother’s house to help them eat the 20 teeny tiny baby scallops they caught Saturday. I'm serious, these scallops were the size of Cheerios.  We cooked the scallops with garlic, onions, and kale; mixed in some marinara sauce, and poured it over black bean spaghetti. Served with some Cuban garlic bread…nomnomnom. We ended the night early (school started this morning -__-) with Menchies froyo. **Do yourself a favor and either go to Baskin Robins and try their Salted Caramel Oreo ice cream OR go to Menchies and mix their Salted Caramel & Cookies n Cream froyo together. RIGHT NOW! Baskin Robins will only carry that flavor until August 31st..soooo it's pretty urgent you go now! 

Hope everyone is having a good Monday morning! Fresh week!

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