Wednesday, August 27, 2014


With anything in life, it’s really easy to get stuck in a routine, especially with young kids.  Routines aren’t bad, but sometimes you gotta skip the other direction for some fun.

This Monday started a new routine. Sophia’s school year is back in session! I think I was more nervous than she was driving to school. She was preoccupied with this curious monkey named George while I’m thinking to myself “I hope she doesn't cry because then I’ll cry!”

She did fine and went right into play mode when she entered the classroom. She didn’t even notice I left. The day went great! I FOR SURE thought Day 2 or 3 would involve tears, but once again, she ran right into her class and sat down at a puzzle with a friend. Jeez Sophia break my heart why don’t ya!? I kid..I’d much rather have her excited to enter the classroom than feel overwhelmed or sad about it. I just don’t want her to grow up sometimes ya know?! (TEARS!!)

Now, it’s just me and Nelpe during school hours. The house is a lot quieter and without Sophia constantly tickling her toes or trying to brush her hair, Nelpe takes a much longer late morning nap. This all means I get so much more work done! I’ve checked more work to-dos off my list in the past 3 days than I would have in 2 weeks during the summer!  I went to the UPS store, post office, and Walgreens in like record time today! Having to take 2 kids in and out of a car numerous times in one outing is no joke, so when I have both kids I’m basically a hermit and going anywhere makes my eye twitch a little. When you have little ones you DREAM of everything having a drive thru. Why doesn’t the grocery store have an express line drive thru? Come on Publix, I just need some ground turkey for dinner tonight.

Going into Publix for “just” ground turkey with 2 kids or more usually goes something like this:

-Park the car
-Get informed by Sophia that her Curious George is not over yet.
-Turn off the car anyways and hear groans along with “aww man”.
-Open Sophia’s door & notice her shoes are kicked off and on opposite side of car.
-Unbuckle her seatbelt and convince her that the grocery store is fun so she gets out.
-Open Nelpe’s door and get greeted with a smile and squeal of happiness…
-Get Sophias shoes and put on Sophia
-Hope to God there is a 2 seater big green cart thing available.
-Get 2 seater cart (fist pump!)
-Sophia immediately asks “Am I getting a cookie?!”
-Go to bakery and ask for cookie
-Nelpe started grabbing at Sophia’s cookie and Sophia starts yelling at Nelpe to stop
-Sophia notifies me of this Instant deathly thirst she has going on now
-Grab water out of the cooler in the deli area.
-Make my way towards other side of store for my ground turkey.  Pick up speed (basically running) so Sophia doesn't ask and whine for something else.
-Get ground turkey! (I can see the light!)
Get in checkout line.
-Sophia sees all the glorious candy and asks for “cupcake chocolate” aka Reeses bite size
-Get them for her because…why not?
-Pay for the chocolate candy, water bottle, and ground turkey.
-Get back to car.
-Let Sophia get into car and buckle up Nelpe.
-Sophia likes to play at this point and not go in her seat. (This is where chocolate comes in) “Sophia sit in your seat and I’ll give you a piece of your chocolate”
-She sits, I buckle her up.
-Get into my seat and blast a/c because I’m sweating profusely (its 100 degrees with 90% humidity)
The END.

As I’m typing this I realize I need eggs for breakfast tomorrow... It’s almost time to pick Sophia up from school so it looks like there will be trip to Publix with 2 kids this afternoon. Wish me luck!


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