Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve & Christmas day 2014

Hey everyone! It's Sunday, but doesn't really feel like Sunday because we've already had so many days hanging out as a family! 

I want to say I truly hope everyone had a totally amazing Christmas!! Ours was pure joy and such a relaxing day, after a kinda exhausting Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve started with a trip to Target to pick up some last minute items (both gifts and grocery items). We got home, baked the Happy Birhday Jesus cake, did some food prep, wrapped some last minute gifts, got the hostess gifts together for the two parties that night, and set out for a 6 mile run. We got 1.5 miles into the run and my body was basically screaming at me. I tapped Angelo on the shoulder and put up 4 fingers, indicating I was only going to do 4 miles. He smiled, then got a serious face and agreed. I think it was all the good but not good for you food we've been eating the past week. That four mile run was the death of me. It's not that I was huffing and puffing, but my body felt like 900 pounds! No Bueno

After that dreadful run, we all got ready (which is like a marathon in itself) for 4pm Christmas Eve service. The service was wonderful and reminded us that Christmas never really ends. We celebrate the gift of Jesus on Christmas and we should always be celebrating that, right?! 
After service we went to one of our long time friends house (who used to always throw the parties in high school). Well the times have   changed over the years & the  party consisted of painting bird houses with the kids and a surprise visit from Santa! It's all about the kids these days.

Around 9pm, we hurried to the last party of the night. My husband is Italian/Venezuelan and his family tradition is to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve night and do a big toast at midnight and pass out gifts. It was 11:45pm and Nelpe just about had it with life at that point. She was a hot mess and everyone kept yelling at us to stay another 15 minutes. At 11:53 I gulped down my champagne and called it a night, I heard much talk of me having bad luck since I drank my champagne 7 minutes before midnight. I don't believe in luck, but I might as well knock on some know...just in case. 

At midnight Angelo and Sophia made it out the house and we were finally on our way home. Both girls were sound asleep by the time we got home, so both were changed into their pajamas and put to bed. Angelo & I put together "santas toys" as fast as possible and called it a night without finishing putting the wheels on the Radio Flyer wagon.

All that hoopla was just Christmas Eve. 
Christmas was a lot more relaxed.

We woke up around 9 am (woohoo, slept in!), with Sophia so eager to see what Santa brought her! This was the first year she's actually put any energy into the whole Santa thing so it was really cool and exciting for me too. I mean seriously, it was pure happiness and nothing else can beat the excitement a kid has on Christmas morning. 

We opened up all the wonderful gifts Santa brought, cooked a breakfast full of bacon, and just relaxed in the messiness of Christmas morning for a bit. It was nice. Real nice. 

We then took showers and headed over to my parents to spend the rest of the day with my mom, dad, sister (visiting from Seattle!!), brother, Katie, Katie's mom and of course Kennedy! 
The day consisted of mimosas, wine, food, cake, new toys, the 654th showing of Frozen and the Cleveland/Miami basketball game.
My girls <3
My sister is a vegan, and so our meal consisted of lots of different vegan friendly sides including a totally delicious Kale Cesar salad that was my favorite! 
We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and ate cake cake cake!

I know that all might sound like it was just a cluster but it was actually less frantic than Christmas's in the past. It was a good couple of days! 


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