Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

You mind is still on weekend time! Angelo woke me up this morning asking if Sophia was going to school because it was already 7:10am. I had slept through 2 alarm clocks! 
I stayed up way too late watching Eaten Alive on Discovery channel. Did anyone else watch it?! Basically a snack expert, trying to get data on the strength of an Anaconda, tried to get eaten by one while in a protective armor suit. Crazy stuff! Couldn't stop watching until the end when he tapped out when his arm almost broke. Like duh..wouldn't you expect to get hurt? LOL Crazy stupid. 

Anyways...we hurriedly got ready, ate breakfast, grabbed my coffee and out the door we went. That's how our Monday started off but it quickly got better when I went to get some Christmas decor to finish decorating the house!! YAY Instant mood lifter! Tree is going up tonight...FINALLY!

I'm marking this weekend off as a huge success! 

WeTheYoung did our first market appearance and we loved it! We got so many compliments on our inventory, passed out numerous business cards, and made some sales!

Then we went home and baked some cookies for a Christmas Cookie Exchange party! Cookie/dessert overload!

Sunday we went to a birthday party and played nonstop
(Sophia pretending to be on a phone)

and refueled with CakePops By Lu !

We were planning on getting our Christmas tree after the birthday party, but decided going grocery shopping was a little more important. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 


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