Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Happy Tuesday!! Is it all that happy, you ask...YES! :)

Some Tuesday Thoughts for the end of 2014:

1. I haven't really cooked something NEW in a while. I've been cooking things I know and are "staples" in our house for dinner. I blame in on the holidays and just not having time to look for recipes or experiment in the kitchen. I mean who does this time of year?! I promise to resume my cooking and posting recipes in 2015.  

2. I've been working for almost 3 hours now and because of connection problems, have done nothing. Or it feels like it anyways.  Technology will be the death of us.

3. Speaking of work, I just keep putting off it off and it just keeps building up and I know it's never going to go away, it's only going to keep piling up. 

4. I would like to just read books on my kindle all day long! It's so easy and I have all the books I want at my fingertips! I LOVE THE KINDLE! (Shouting it from the rooftops!) 

5. I'm getting real bored and annoyed of Facebook. Like really, so many annoying posts lately like I don't even want to go on it because there's nothing on there lately that makes me want to. Maybe I'll give it up for 2015, except for business purposes of course. 

6. I don't have something to wear for New Years Eve (we finally made plans to have a fancy dinner then come home and spend the New Year celebration with our guurls) and I have two little girls that makes going to the mall an absolutely job so I might just go to dinner in a repeat dress. That makes me sad just writing that. I feel like you need to wear something new and sparkly on New Years Eve because that's just what you need to do. So, today I'll be venturing to the mall sometime to run in and grab a dress in hopes that it fits. 

7. Trying on clothes at the mall with two kids is impossible and not something I call FUN.

8. It's 11 a.m. and I want a coffee.

9. Sophia asked to go to school this morning and it made me happy and sad at the same time. I know sometimes I can be extra boring to her when I'm trying to get work done. 

10. We were practicing letters yesterday in the bath and Sophia knew a lot of letters and it made me really proud! I squealed in delight which made her also squeal with a big smile on her face. ;) I love learning.


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