Saturday, January 3, 2015

This Year: 2015

• Run 2015 miles in 2015! This is being split by Angelo & I, so it equals 1007.5 miles each.
• Try some fitness "trends“.  I would really like to try an Orange Theory or Crossfit class, just to see what the rage is about. I will not to sucked in. 
• Join a running group. I am apart of 3 running groups on Facebook but don't ever go to the scheduled weekly runs. I think joining will help me accomplish my running goals and make new friends! Always fun.
• Run at least 1 race a month.
• Run 4 half marathons (one every quarter). 
• Ride our bikes more often, I'm going to say once a month. 
• Try new sports. I want to try paddle boarding (is that a sport?) and golf this year. 
• Increase blog readers to 500/day. I started back at blogging in August 2014 with about 0-5 readers a day. Gotta start somewhere right?  Right now I'm at 60-100 per day. With consistency I feel like 500 is a reachable goal.
• Improve photography skills. I got a new neat camera (Canon Rebel t5) for Christmas. I use photography for both my blog and children's clothing boutique so I would like to be able to use my camera to its full potential, which will benefit both of my businesses.
• Continue building my children's clothing line and brand. I need to write a plan on this and do it. I'm kinda in a "what's the next step" phase right now.
•  Get started on a project I feel will be amazing for our entire community. Sorry this is vague but I'm hoping I can start talking about it within the next few months! I want it to be in full force come 2016! Baby steps... 

• Reduce stress & anxiety. I know I have a problem with both of these. Not all the time, but enough for it to effect my sleep some nights. 
• Be a better wife, mother, daughter, aunt, and friend. I want to show everyone in my life the BEST version of me this year. That means being more positive, putting my phone down more often and engaging with the people in front of my face, and not letting others have an impact my mood.
• Read more. My new Kindle will help and I'm already almost through my first book of 2015 and it's Jan 3rd!
• Meditate more. I have a couple different daily devotions I really like. I get in the groove for a week or two then always slip out of it for weeks. I want to make this a daily priority and will have to wake up an extra 15 minutes during the week to achieve this goal. 

What are you goals for this year? 


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