Monday, January 5, 2015

Mondays in 2015 kinda look the same

Hey Hey! It's the first Monday of 2015 and it is an absolute wreck! So, just a normal Monday, huh? :)

Sophia is out of school today (her school starts back up tomorrow...hallelujah!) so with no reason to wake up, I rolled out of bed around 8 am, obviously milking this no alarm clock thing one more day. 

I make breakfast (2 eggs and a piece of toast), get my coffee, and get settled into my office for a day of productivity. I really need to get through all the accounting and close out 2014!! It's on the to-do list that seems to be 100 items long.
My breakfast...the calm before the Monday storm.

But, oh how plans change so quickly...I get a text at 9 am from our Realtor asking if it was OK for some people to come have a showing of our house at Noon. Our cleaning lady, Nell, comes every Monday and doesn't get done until around 1 so I asked if they could push it until then. They agreed and I went into panic mode. 

I mean, our Christmas stuff was piled up in our laundry room, a bare Christmas tree was still standing in our living room, our dining room looked like WeTheYoung exploded all over it, you could barely see the floor of Sophia's bedroom, there was a laundry basket overflowing in our master, and every single Christmas present was scattered all around the toy room/office. Team work make the dream work...I was decluttering everything while Nell cleaned for the next 4 hours. 

I ran out of the house at 12:55 dragging our Christmas tree behind me to put in my truck, to take back to our office where we have a storage area. I'm pretty sure the people coming to see the house saw me: frazzled hair, baby in arm, toddler running behind me, dragging a Christmas tree, and struggling to put it inside my car. I'm sure that all looked real attractive. So there I am, no shower, glasses still on, yoga pants (because I live in them), baggy shirt, neon green flipflops...and going into public. 

Yep, sounds like a Monday, right? It's been looking up through, after that mad rush to get the house "show ready" it's been pretty easy sailing, well, about as easy sailing it can be with two divas. :) 

I wouldn't trade it for the world...



  1. I lost focus of all of my blog-stalking but I'm glad to see and hear that Mondays in 2015 are very similar to Mondays in 2014 - I don't think I could handle the change ;) Back to running a home! By the way, your cleaning lady - can I borrow her? I am convinced that I will hire one at some point in my near future... or do you have to have a baby to qualify for a cleaning lady?

    See ya!

    1. LOL You don't need a baby to qualify for a cleaning lady! Adults make messes too ;)