Friday, January 30, 2015

Scandal had me like...and some Friday Faves

TGIF! It's been a fast/fun week! There has been a lot of running and eating this week, and yesterday I took a rest day from all workouts and I guess the blog too. Not intentional, but one thing lead to another and the blog post and half my work didn't get finished. 

I picked Sophia up from school yesterday, her teacher told me she didn't sleep well at nap time, and in the car she started crying. I finally figured out (still a guess, but a good one) that her stomach was hurting and she had gas. She was back to her normal self in no-time but kept asking me to cuddle with her. When you're little girl asks you to cuddle, you go cuddle! So that ended my work day early but spending time doing absolutely nothing but giggling with my girls is what's important in life right now. Work can wait...I know (from experience) that it just sits there and waits for you, piling up and not going anywhere.
Our 3:00 pm cuddle session

Here we are on Friday and how so so glad I am that it's Friday. You know what makes me so happy to see Friday? The meer fact that I don't have to wake Sophia up for school for two days! She was not a happy camper waking up this morning and all I kept thinking was "Thank goodness it's Friday and I don't have to wake her up tomorrow". Sometimes she can be a real's true. :) Plus I went to sleep late last night because Scandal had my heart beating out of my chest and it took me a while to calm down. Did you watch Scandal?! O.M.G. Almost had to make an appointment to put in a pacemaker. Dramazzz

Here's what I've been LOVIN' this week!

Meet Elena of Avalor
Disney's first Latina Princess, being introduced on an episode of Disney Junior's Sofia The First in 2016! She will then get a spin-off show called Elena of Avalor. Some are saying she's not actually Latina...but she's not even REAL, so who's to say what she is, except those who created her at Disney? You can read the full Disney press release in the link above. I'm not Latina or anything but any new Disney Princess is worth a shout out!
I subscribed to TheSkimm emails a couple months ago and it's been, by far, the best email subscription I've ever received. If you don't really like watching or reading the news, but want to know what's going on in the world (in terms you can understand), please do yourself a favor and go get "Skimmed"! They do the reading for you and trim all the fat off, so you're left with the nitty gritty juiciness that's important. 

Finding Money or Gift Certificates you totally forgot you had
Most days while I work, Nelpe does some sort of destruction to my office. Whether it's finding my stash of pens and highlighters and writing all over herself and any paper she can find, or emptying out an entire filing cabinet making it rain with important documents. Well this morning she actually did some good and found a Spa Day gift certificate that expires in 12 days!! WHAT?! I'm calling to make my appointment a.s.a.p. Mani/Pedi/Facial/Massage here I come! Valentine's Day came early this year.

BLT Sandwiches
I've been craving this sandwich for dayzzz! Don't you hate it when you want to make something for dinner, but have a bunch of other stuff in your fridge that needs to be cooked asap so it doesn't go bad?! That's how Tuesday and Wednesday were (thawed chicken and vegetables that needed to be cooked pronto), so yesterday I FINALLY got to make some delicious BLTs. 

Quest Bar S'mores
I've been a fan of Quest Bars for about a year now. I always get the Cookies n Cream flavor but on my last order I knew I needed to try the newest S'mores flavor. So I did, and I love them! These bars have quality ingredients and none of that crap you find in other protein bars. I can actually pronounce the ingredient list! I'm still needing/wanting to try their chips! 

I hope you all had a fantastic week! Tomorrow is The Gasparilla Invasion and pretty much everyone in Tampa will be dressed as pirate, and probably drunk like a pirate too! Not us, we did our thing at the Kid's Parade last weekend. Plus we have a 14 mile run tomorrow, and a Super Bowl party at the house on Sunday. That's enough for one weekend ;)

What are you lovin' this week? Is it a food, TV show, or a new product?! Spill the beans in the comments! 


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