Monday, February 2, 2015

Highlights of Superbowl XLIX

Happy Monday! 
This was a total fail Monday for us in the Metallo house. 
Angelo swears he woke me up at 6am but I have no recollection of that. I woke up around 7:30 am (the time we're supposed to leave for school in the morning), looked at both girls sleeping peacefully, and declared this a Stay-At-Home-Day! We didn't get to sleep until after 11 pm, so I thought the girls needed some extra sleep today. (I'm a cool mom) 

Our weekend was pretty quiet until Sunday.
Friday we ran and ate the usual pizza (#PizzaFriday).
Saturday Angelo went to work while I did stuff around the house. Then we did a 12 mile run Saturday afternoon, and went out to eat with some friends and indulged on burgers! 
The twelve miles was our last run for the month of January! We've completed 1 month of the #2015in2015 running challenge!! (Pats self on back then realizes we have 11 more months and 1781.8 more miles to go...)

For the Superbowl yesterday we had some friends over to eat, watch football, and chat. There were a total of 8 kids in the house and let me just say that Sophia's bedroom (where they played most of the time) was a complete disaster. I'm talking it looked like a hurricane ran through there and emptied out all drawers, bookcases, and play kitchen cabinets onto the floor. 

Highlights of Superbowl XLIX:

No party is a party without CakePopByLu!

The Puppy Bowl!

Angelo with all his food. 
Starting from the left: BBQ chips, Jalapeno Popper Dip, Celery/Carrots, Texas Caviar bean dip, cheese and cracker platters, tortilla chips, buffalo chicken dip, Greek yogurt jalapeno dip, meatballs, buffalo chicken wings, Garlic Parmesan/Lemon Pepper chicken wings, pizza, chicken popper tray, hummus and pitas.

My Cuban Crostinis! Thank you Casa De Crews for the recipe! 
Aren't they cute?! (and yummy too!) 
Watching Katy Perry awkwardly dance and seeing Missy Elliot do her thang! 
{Get yo freak on guurl}

And My Two Favorite Commercials from this year are...


How was your weekend?
What were your favorite commercials from this year's Super Bowl?



  1. Loved the #LikeAGirl commercial too! Am jealous of your cake pops, though! We didn't have any of those treats at my house! Next year!

    1. Such a good commercial! Mmm yes those cake pops are the best!

  2. You're food looks FABULOUS! It was a great game...I was hoping that the Seahawks would win...but that last play was HORRIBLE!!