Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Running for a Cause {PCH Awareness}


First things first...Have you entered my GIVEAWAY yet? If not, go on over and show some comment love & enter! :) 

Secondly, rewinding a little bit to Sunday when I ran the Gasparilla 8k and had my first PR ever! {PR = Personal Record} 

Do you know what a PR feels like? Well it basically makes you feel like you can do anything! Kidding, not really. And it makes you think back to all the training you've been doing and think "Wow, all that hard work actually HELPED!" The hard part is the training. The easy/fun part is kicking so much ass butt at the race. My goal was to run at a pace of 8:30 and ended up doing 8 minute miles! For 2 miles I had a pace of 7:45! Katie stuck with me and made me push myself. I wasn't going to slow down if she didn't slow down and I think she was thinking the same thing. :)
Pre-Race Selfie
I ran wearing a shirt for a friend to help spread PCH awareness.( Click here to read about PCH.) I'm not gonna lie I got real tired around mile 4 and started thinking about slowing down. But, I knew I only had one more mile to go and there was no way I was going to let my silly mind convince me to slow down. I knew the faster I went and the more people I passed, the more people would see that beautiful girl's face on the back of my shirt. That's what wearing the shirt is all about. 
PCH is such a rare disease and not many people know about it, therefore there's not a ton of research or funding put towards it. Spreading awareness is just a little/tiny way to contribute to society. It's kind of like how that ALS Ice bucket Challenge got the ALSA so much attention, and donations went through the roof! Bringing awareness to such a rare disease could eventually save lives! Three people came up to me and asked me what PCH was. I'm glad I knew a little bit about it to share! Spreading awareness! :) 

Thirdly, today is my birthday!! When Sophia woke up this morning, Angelo said "Sophia, it's mommy's birthday today!" and she responded "Yeah and my birthday is next!" To celebrate, I volunteered at the school this morning setting up for the Daddy breakfast tomorrow. They offered donuts and I said, "Yes of course I'll eat a donut, it's my birthday!" It's the little things in life. :)  After I pick Sophia up from school, we're going to daddy's work to eat cake, then taking the celebration to my parent's house for dinner. 

I hope everyone has a great day! Spread love!



  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!! And great job on the PR! It's such a great feeling. I think you should have 2 donuts, that's what I would do anyway... )

    1. I would of had more but I knew cakes were in my future! ;) Thank you for the birthday love!

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  2. Congrats on the PR!!! (And I would have had 3 donuts! LOL! Good job!) Happy birthday again!