Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reasons My Toddler Did Not Eat Their Lunch

If you have kids, you know the constant back and forth they can be towards food. Some days they're extra picky, while others they are brave adventurers and will basically eat anything you put in front of them. That's why packing a lunchbox for a toddler is a challenge. What they liked yesterday, doesn't necessarily mean they'll like it tomorrow, BUT they might like it again next Monday...Keeps you on your toes really.

Every day after school, while unpacking Sophia's school bag, I open her lunchbox and empty out what was left, and put the ice-pack back in the freezer. Most of the time she eats her entire lunch, but there are times when she leaves some items to be tossed...and these are the reasons why.

Reasons My Toddler Did Not Eat Their Lunch

This is real life...

Blackberries - "They were too bubbly" (As opposed to...?)

Apple slices - "They had skin on them" (Sorry I didn't spend an extra 20 minutes in the morning removing these skins)

Raspberries - "They were too squishy" (I'll give her that...)

Half of her sandwich - "I was full from eating my yogurt" or "I asked for peanut butter" (No you didn't...)

Cantaloupe - "It was too orange, I don't like orange things" (BUT you eat clementines like no other)

Yogurt - "It was too cold" or "I was late to snack time"(This makes no sense...where were you at snack time?!)

Clementines - "They had too many white strings on them" (Peel them off please)

Peach - "I don't like peaches" (She ate me clear out of peaches the past 3 times I bought them)

Crackers - "They were too crumby, like snow"  (Eat them...don't crumble in your hands!)

Banana - "It was cut in half..." (Yes, because you USUALLY only eat half of one at lunch time.)

Ravioli - "My butt hurts..." (No clue, but I'm guessing this means she had to go #2?) TMI Sophia...

Watermelon - "It was too wet" (Yes, my dear, because dry watermelon would be gross)

Carrot sticks - "They were too hard" or "You forgot my ranch" (A girl after her father's heart...)

Cucumbers - "I couldn't eat them WITH my strawberries...yuck!" (That's why they are packaged separately...) 

What do you usually put in your toddler's lunch box for school? 
I'm always looking for new lunch ideas!



  1. This cracked me up, thanks! (And I never did grow up to like cantaloupe!)

    1. I'm not a cantaloupe fan either! I was once told that cantaloupe, that isn't extremely fresh, causing migraines. True or not...I stay clear ;)

  2. haha I'm guilty of the cucumber one myself! This was hilarious!