Friday, February 13, 2015

Kombucha On Sale makes me smile & Other Friday Faves

How has your week been? I hope fabulous! Or at least, "good...", like Sophia tells me when I ask her how school was everyday.

This morning Nelpe had her 15 month check up at the doctor. Three shots and she's running around this house right now like a champ! We also had a house showing this morning and they came 10 minutes after Nelpe fell asleep. Have I mentioned how much I hate house showings? Maybe? 

Anyways, it's FRIDAY so I'm not going to let anything ruin that! 
Here are a few things I'm LOVIN' this week!

Friday Faves
How cute is my little?! She was so excited for her Valentine's Day Party at school yesterday!

We booked our Summer Vacation last night and I'm pumped!!

The Tower Garden is starting to grow some eggplants! They're beautiful...
Publix was having a sale this week on Kombucha. Sadly, they didn't have my beloved Grape flavor but these did the trick. Have you ever made your own? I'm scared...

Favs Around the Web

HOW big is Shaq?!

Have you ever put BUTTER in your coffee? THAT and other coffee hacks

Peanut Butter Maker on the Want List

Kayne West Designs for Adidas - just say NO!

Hope you have a romantic/relaxing/exciting weekend! 


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