Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Planning Our Superbowl Menu

This Sunday is kind of a big deal. If you don't know, whats wrong with you?! I kid...but really?!

Super Bowl XLIX (49) is happening in Arizona this Sunday. The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks are going to battle it out on the field, and only one will come out a Champion. Who will it be is the big question! OR Is the big question, how will Katy Perry's halftime performance be?! Whether you're watching the big game for the football, commercials, or musical performances, there is something for everyone who is tuning in. 

While the football players are warming up all week with media and whatever else they get paid millions to do, the rest of us regular people (I say that in a loving way) are warming up our kitchens getting ready for some party food!

The Super Bowl is in four days and two days ago my husband decided he wanted to have a party. Guys don't know that their women put a lot of work into parties (big or small) or they just choose to ignore it. I'm a "I'm here for the food and commercials" type of gal when it comes to the game, so I know how important the game day menu is. In writing this post, it is forcing me to plan out my menu for the game. (It's a perk of blogging, I guess)

Our Superbowl Menu 
Buffalo Chicken Dip - {From EatLiveRun}

Sausage Dip {Sister-in-law's Recipe}
Salsa & Guacamole

Cheese & Crackers
Popcorn {Only because we have a huge popcorn machine for parties}
Vegetable & Fruit Tray

Cuban Sandwich Crostini {From CasaDeCrews}
Chicken Wings - ordering take out 
Shredded BBQ Chicken {to use for sandwiches or nachos}
Football Cake Pops {From CakePopsByLu}

Beer {duh}
Flashback: Nelpe with a football cake pop last Superbowl!

Well that's the plan, but I'm sure there will be many other things added/deleted between here and Sunday morning. Have to start somewhere. Friday morning will be my Costco run to load it up! 

What are you plans for football?
Do you watch the game for the football, commercials, or musical performances?


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  1. Your husband and my husband could be friends - since they both waited to tell us about these parties! LOL...My husband just asked/told me that he invited friends over..."they can all bring their own food!", which um no, we need to provider SOMEthing! Oy...but that's okay, it will be fun, just would have loved some notice. Your spread looks fab! Happy eating :)