Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Addicted to Make Up

No not me, I'm talking about my three year old little girl!! My three year old is addicted to make up. Lawd help me! Sit me down...fan me off...and explain to me why this is already starting!

I know it's our own fault. (I'm not taking all the blame, half goes to Angelo) We have stuck her in the jogging stroller with an iPad watching YouTube videos, so it was only a matter of time before she found MAKE UP TUTORIALS. They are literally all over YouTube. Sophia gets glued to the little girl who does the My Little Pony tutorials and she absolutely HAS to have a "cutie mark" (My Little Pony's word for beauty mark) 
Yes this is real life...This is from the KittiesMama YouTube channel (the one Sophia has been caught watching)

Sophia's been interested in my make up bag for as long as she could walk and reach for things. She has ruined numerous eye shadows, given a couple makeup brushes to the dogs, and dug her little fingernails into countless Eos lip balms. BUT it's now come to the point where she asks for it every time we're at the store, and rummages through the makeup drawer every chance she gets. 

Lip gloss and eye shadow are her specialty. She's asked for "face gloss" because I won't let her rub lip gloss all over her face. 

Yesterday while I was getting ready for the Tampa Bay Bloggers dinner at Ulele, Sophia stood in the mirror next to me and started talking while putting on her make up, kind of creating her very own Make Up Tutorial. I was telling Angelo about it and he laughed "you have to record that!" 
Today, like clockwork, we get home from school and she goes into the bathroom asking me where her make up is. I give her the pad of eye shadow (she has her own so it can be ruined) and her Minnie Mouse lip gloss. She starts talking while putting on her eye shadow and I click record. 
I have to admit, it may be the cutest thing I've ever seen! Obviously she's not allowed to go out in public looking like this...people will think she has a black eye or something. It's all for fun and we ruin all mommy's towels taking it off. 

She only puts the makeup on one half of her face. ;) 

P.S. Since we're talking about Make Up Tutorials, I have to give a shout out to my high school friend's YouTube Channel, Nat-Fab



  1. As a makeup junkie myself, I have to say YAY Sophia! lol I love girly girls and it sounds to me like that's what she is. You never know, she may be a world renowned artist one day :-) I think by letting her express herself you're doing the right thing. Sophia's creations will one day be highly sought after.

    1. Yes I am proud of her and she really is creative and SUCH a girly girl! It makes me smile.