Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Recap (including PB replenishment)

Monday!! Can I have a confession moment right now? I like Mondays. I like weekends, but I think the weekends wouldn't be enjoyable without Mondays, so why hate on Monday? It brings us back to life, work, school, and home! 

This weekend was kind of low-key, which was great since I was battling a head-sinus issue all weekend. I felt like I was under water, with my ears popped and everything. Awful.

But you know what else is awful? 
THIS! The end of the peanut butter jar! But, do not fear, peanut butter has been replenished! :)

Saturday, still feeling a little crumby, we went on a run (6 miles) and it made me feel better! I could breathe normal the entire time. 
Are those matching workout pants not the cutest?! They are from Target! (What DOESN'T Target have?! Geesh!)
When we got back, Sophia wanted to show us her running skills, so we did some sprint work up and down the neighborhood. 
Go girl go!

Play time continued outside until we had to get ready for the Fish Fry at a friend's house. We ate lots of shrimp and fish! I could barely hear people the entire party, with my ears feeling like they needed to be popped, so we didn't stay too long. 

Sunday morning I made the Fitnessista's 2 minute Double Chocolate Protein Muffin. These are always a win in my book. Quick, easy, and so delicious! If you haven't tried one, it's a must do!

The rest of our Sunday was spent running errands, siging up for the Gasparilla 8K and Half-marathon!, and having friends over to watch football and eat chicken wings.

I hope your weekend was wonderful & restful! Back to the grind!

What did you do this weekend?
What are you favorite quick breakfast options?


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  1. Totally agree. Mondays are a fresh start, and I don't mind them at all :)