Monday, December 15, 2014

The Weekend of Work

Happy happy Monday! I'm typing this while my Nelpe sleeps in my lap, Christmas music playing to my ears, and tapping away on the keyboard putting stuff into QuickBooks (story of my life). So it's a good day so far! ;)

WeTheYoung took over my weekend. I literally worked all weekend; two markets, one Saturday, one Sunday and when I wasn't "working" at night, I was sitting on my couch eating take-out and watching Christmas movies. But even then, sitting there watching Christmas movies,  I was on my iPad looking at clothes for the I guess the work never stops...ever. Glorious!

However, the other kind of work, house work, was not done. Absolutely no cooking was done this weekend, and our fridge looks bare. Grocery shopping will be done today.

You know, I say I was working, but not one minute really felt like work. Well, besides the breakdown and set up part...OK I lie, I enjoyed setting up too. It's fun to get out in the community and talk to people, meet people, and just being out in the sun doing yo thang. When we didn't have customer's at our booth, I got to sit there and chat with friends and family. My girls got to run around and play in the sun all weekend and it was just all around good. So, for real...when you're doing something you actually WANT to do, it never feels like work, right?

I only know this because I've had jobs in my life that definitely felt like work. I used to dread going to work. I sat at the front desk of a tanning salon in High School and some days I would literally want to stab myself so I could at least go sit in the hospital. Anywhere but there! LOL I'm grateful that I had that job at the time, and I'm certainly grateful to be able to look back at it and see what those kind of jobs feel like.

Anyways, so my "weekend recap" is just!

"You gotta work B*tch" - Britney Spears ;)

  Sophia loved playing cashier...Little entrepreneur :)
 The babes sitting on Cake Pops By Lu display.
Our booth at the Seminole Heights Sunday Market

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


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