Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#GiveandGrub & Tuesday Thoughts

Last night I went to a blogger event with the Tampa Bay Bloggers. It was such a fun event with GiveandGrub They are a local food truck who donates a meal to a child in need for every meal sold AND every use of the hasgtage #giveandgrub on Twitter and Instagram. 
With over 700,000 people in the Tampa Bay going hungry every,single.day, this is a super easy and delicious way to help and STICK IT TO HUNGER!

I felt honored to be a part of their blogger event last night and the unveiling of their newest menu item, a cheese steak sandwich with sweet potato fries that were out of this world! Anything drizzled with melted butterscotch and marshmallow has my vote for best thing ever!
If you frequent the Tampa Bay Lightning games, you've probably seen their green and blue truck parked in the plaza. Next time you spot them, purchase one of their amazing gourmet meals and support the cause! Their food is made with quality ingredients and ensure happy taste buds and belly!  
Not your average food truck foods right there! :) 

Tuesday Thoughts

Since it's Spring Break I feel like the first thing on my mind everyday I wake up, or last thing on my mind before I go to bed is "What are we going to do tomorrow?" as if just because it's Spring Break we HAVE to do something. Can't we just chill? We have a busy weekend ahead so this week will consist of random outings and of course FUN! Like today, Sophia & Nelps get to tag along to the office and watch mommy get a few things done, See, FUN!

Yesterday we re-joined the YMCA. We had a membership there when I was pregnant with Nelps since it was too hot for me to run outside during the summer. I'm excited to switch up my fitness routine and go to some classes like Spin and BodyPump! I'm also excited to take the girls to the splash pool this summer! They're going to love it! 

I am running in the FirstWatch Sarasota Half Marathon on Sunday and my training has been less than stellar these past two weeks. I'm going to go ahead,be lame, and throw out an excuse...it's because of the moving and falling out of routine! I'm nervous for the run, and kind of bummed because I was planning on kicking some butt, but now I'm planning on just running at my regular pace (9:00-9:30 min/mile) just to finish without passing out. :) 

I have a weird throat thing going on. I lost my voice and my throat is scratchy/itchy. No fun. and another reason I'm nervous for the half marathon on Sunday. 

I ordered a dress from RentTheRunway! We have a fancy wedding next weekend, so I ordered a beautiful dress to be fancy! I can't wait to take pictures in it and show you! Hopefully it fits perfect! :) Have you ever rented a dress? 

I need to start working on my posture. I looked at a picture this morning of myself and my back was hunched over and BLAH! It made me cringe. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday! It should be a good one! :) 


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