Monday, March 9, 2015

Moving takes over & Weekend Recap

Hey Y'all!

Happy Monday! And happy Spring break to all you spring breakers! 
Sophia is currently on spring break along with the rest of our county. The weather should be pretty much picture perfect for the week. We're going to have some fun! ;)

Last Wednesday was my last post and then all chaos erupted. We moved out of our house on Thursday and have been cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing my parent's house ever since. We're staying with my parents while our new home gets built. Lucky us. When we first entertained the idea of moving in with my parents for this period, I would of said "lucky" sarcastically. But now that we're actually here, with no other place to call home, I really mean LUCKY. I know not everyone has this option and/or some wouldn't even WANT this option but with my family, it works. Sophia & Nelps are having the time of their lives, so I decided to be more like them. Plus, it's just the beginning...

It definitely feels like I'm just back at home since this is the house I grew up in. Kind of like a wave of nostalgia swept over me while laying in bed looking at my old closet like I used to in elementary school through high school. Except now it's where we're keeping all the girl's clothes. This was home when Angelo and I started seeing each other in high school, and now we're back...with two kids! 

Since I've last posted:

Thursday was a lot of driving back and forth from our old house to my parent's house. Loading & unloading times six.

Thursday night as my mom's birthday and we gifted her with 6 new house guests (The four of us plus our two fur buddies), gifts, and strawberry pizza! :) 

Friday was my first day back at the office, Sophia's last day of school before break, and closing day! I've been working from home since Nelps was born and now I'm back at the office. We signed all the documents and closed at 2pm. Handed over the keys and garage remotes and said "See ya!" to what we called home for the past 3.5 years. 

Saturday was nonstop cleaning and organizing. We ended up with bags and bags of donation items, bags of just trash, and actually some space in the two rooms we've moved our lives into. We took a break to take the doggies to a vet appointment, and I FINALLY got a run in! Last week running was almost nonexistent and not a good thing since we're running a half marathon in 6 (SIX!) days!
New running place :)

Sunday was almost back to normal with church and lunch at Ulele!  It was a perfect day outside!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! I promise, I'm back to normal postings, thank goodness!! 


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