Friday, March 27, 2015

Good vs. Evil Nachos & other Friday Faves


Bad news: The stomach bug has hit our household! Nelpe had it first, then it went to Angelo and Sophia. It's been not-so-pretty the past 24 hours and it was a loooong night last night with frequent trips to the bathroom with Sophia. Obviously I kept Sophia home from school, so it's been a lazy morning for the girls, while I try and disinfect everything now. I think the bug is starting to leave the building! 
Last time the stomach bug hit, it skipped me, so I'm hoping that's the case this time around too! (Prayers) It should be a rule that moms can't get sick...right?!

Friday Faves
This week I've been kind of addicted to nachos...I've had them 2x! One wasn't so healthy at LeeRoy Selmons on Wednesday with pulled pork, cheesy goodness, and okra! 
Side note: Isn't the patio seating at LeeRoy's fantastic?! It's kid-friendly and so laid back! 

Nachos can be somewhat healthy too! I made some at home using sweet potatoes as the chips, then topped with ground turkey, black beans, cheese, and tomatoes. Sprinkle with plain Greek yogurt & sriracha...just as good as the unhealthy version!

My little runner Sophia. Be still my heart... They had a fun run at her school yesterday.

A new Trader Joe's favorite: Beet Hummus! Loved by the whole family.The beets completely take over so it doesn't really taste like hummus, but it's delicious! 

Around the Web:

I found a new favorite website: Have you visited it yet?

Are you Sriracha's biggest fan like Angelo? Learn everything about it!

Don't miss the Frappe Birthday celebration March 26-30th at Starbucks!

I hope everyone has a wonderful & healthy weekend! 
Can you believe Easter is NEXT WEEKEND?! I can't! 


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  1. Oh no! Take care! I hope everyone gets well soon!!!!

    And I'm a nachos lover too!! ;)