Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The 12 Types of Parents You See At School Drop Off

School drop off is where all parents can be judged solely based on their outside appearance. I have no idea who some of these parents are, never spoke a word more than "Hi" to them. But I DO see them Monday-Friday, and from that I have grouped them into 12 different types. 

I have been most of these at one point, some days looking put together and other days looking just as stressed and frazzled as I feel. 

The 12 Types of Parents You See At School Drop Off

1. The mom in full workout gear - She's really great shape and you may give her the stank face (behind her back). But she should be, seeing that she goes to the gym every day after dropping the kid's off at school. OR maybe she just likes wearing workout gear and has really good genes. (double stank face)

2. The mom in pajamas - She may or may not have had a rough morning. Susy spilled her breakfast on her new dress while junior refuses to wear pants. Either that, or she just doesn't give a damn and is going for 100% comfort. Maybe she works the night shift and will go right back to sleep after the kid's are in school. We don't judge. 

3. The mom in yoga pants - This is one step up from pajamas. She has an entire drawer of black yoga pants that have never stepped foot in a yoga class. Her yoga pants aren't for yoga, they are for school mornings. This is me 75% of the time.

4. The mom in full business attire - She looks completely put together like she's about to walk into a court room. She could be an extra on Scandal. You go back and forth in your mind about if having to dress up everyday would be a good or bad thing. 

5. The Stay-at-home-mom who looks perfect- Hair done, outfit ironed and matching. Kid's clothes are the absolute cutest and her daughter always has a big matching bow. Your "at-awe" meter explodes when her other four kids jump out of her car looking like they jumped out of a J.Crew catalog. 

6. The dad in business attire and Bluetooth headset - His kids are running into school ahead of him while he finishes up a phone call. He stops for a second and yells, "Michael be careful!" then puts a finger to his ear and says "I'll call you back in a few minutes..."

7. The dad in workout gear - This dad is in great shape, what some would call a DILF. He's the dad all the moms secretly swoon over and might be the only reason some put on lipstick before exiting the car.

8. The mom in workout clothes and flip flops - Her top half says she's going to workout, but you can tell by her bottom half that she's just trying to fool you. 

9. The Friends group - These are the parents who have friends who also drop their kids off at school. They usually wait for each other in the parking lot, walk into school together, and stop and chat for 10-15 minutes in the parking lot while giving all the other parents a quick smile in between gossip. 

10. The mom with 5 hands - Her kid's are on the morning energy high as they race into school. She's trying to keep up behind them with all their backpacks and book report posters. It's kind of like watching a juggling act at the circus. 

11.The dynamic duo - This set of parents raise many questions. How do they both have time in the morning to not only bring their kids to school, but walk them in. Are they millionaires who don't work? What do they do for a living? Is their workplace hiring?

12. The grandparent - You see this grandparent so often you may  wonder if they're actually the parent. No, can't be...they're just a really involved grandparent. Cudos to them and their patience levels. 

All these "types" of parents are completely awesome in their own way. Whether you're the mom/dad in pajamas or business attire, you are all dropping your little loves off at school and kissing their tiny faces with the same love as the other. 



  1. BAHAHAHAHA! This cracks me up! (I see these types of people every day!!)

  2. I spent most of the years at drop off in full business attire but at a certain point never got out of the car. No time! I had to drop them off right at the moment the doors opened for early drop off and spend another hour fighting traffic to downtown. Some days, I don't think my car actually came to a complete stop because I was in such a hurry :) #TBB #LinkLove