Monday, March 23, 2015

RentTheRunway & Weekend Recap

TGIM! After a weekend of fun, Monday gives me a calm feeling. Am I the only one on that train?
Although the weather is crappy today (it down poured right after I dropped Sophia off at school this morning), I still got all my errands ran, and made it to the office to get in a couple hours of office work. I'd say it's a successful Monday already and it just hit noon! We can all go home now and feel happy about ourselves. 

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner for Jenny's wedding. We met at the church for rehearsal (Sophia was a flower girl) and had dinner at the Westin Bistro Room
This is the only picture I took at rehearsal. My phone kept closing on me and I just gave up. 

Saturday was wedding day! We made sure to get a run in before and almost made it six miles before we gave up to the heat. It was 90 degrees outside and the run was bruuutal! At least we saw some cute cows on the journey...

The wedding was absolutely beautiful! The reception was at a new venue place in town called The Vault. It's an old bank building that still has the vault inside, hence the name... They had a Spanish band keeping the dance floor full and alive! We danced almost all night! So much fun.

The dress I wore was from I was super nervous about it since I didn't receive it until Friday afternoon. The fit was perfect and I fell in love. I am officially addicted to RentTheRunway! It's so easy to use, and you get to wear amazing dresses and not burn up your wallet. I rented the dress and earrings. In the box that is shipped to you includes your dress in two different sizes of your choice, your accessories, and a return envelope with return shipping label. You wear the outfit, look fabulous, then pack it all up and drop off to UPS the next day. This works perfect for me, because when I buy a dress to wear to a wedding, I usually never wear it again. 

The wedding food:

Sunday was a day of rest and flying kites in the backyard. We basically just ran around the yard holding the kite as there was little to no wind. :)
Italian Chef Angelo made Baked Ziti for dinner! 

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!! 

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  1. I'd be very nervous about the dress with it arriving so late too! It looks amazing on you though, I love it!