Friday, March 20, 2015

PetCo Is Cheaper Than The Zoo & Other Friday Faves


Friday Faves
I love that a quick trip to PetCo can replace an expensive trip to the zoo sometimes. We had 15 minutes to kill yesterday and PetCo was near by. At Nelpe's age, a few tanks of fish and two dogs getting groomed are all you need for entertainment!

The outdoors! At our old house we used to have a playground in our backyard. Without a playground, we are finding other things to play with in the backyard and it's been enjoyable! And I adore this picture of Nelps just chillin' in her Red Range ;)

Wow That's Fresh is fairly new to the area. It is owned by the same people at PDQ. Instead of chicken, their menu consists of burgers, pizza, and salad. This Peanut Butter & Jelly pizza is part of their Kid's Menu. We ordered it as a dessert (a really big dessert!) I thought it was really good, especially with the blueberries in the jelly! 

This weekend is wedding weekend for a great friend of ours! Sophia is one of the flower girls so the festivities start this evening at the rehearsal dinner.I rented a dress off and its supposed to arrive tonight. Thank goodness they give two size options because with it being so close, I'm super nervous about how they are going to fit! I'll post pictures of the dress on my Monday Weekend Recap post!

The Bride and I circa 2010 during our party years!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! See you Monday with a recap of the wedding glam!

What are your plans this weekend?
Have you been to Wow That's Fresh?



  1. Taking a little one to Petco is an amazing idea! I'm totally stealing it!

  2. I used to take my kids to a puppy store when we had a little time in between activities. They could have stayed there for hours playing with the puppies. Now at 18 and 21 they actually are still content just hanging with our dog on the couch when they are around. It's the little things in life indeed :) Have fun at the wedding. I am attending a great event here in Tampa tomorrow night for Powerstories, a non-profit helping girls and women find their voice through story telling. (For more information feel free to go to Thanks for sharing via #TBB #LinkLove

    1. LOL I think I would want to buy a puppy if I went to the puppy store! I'll have to stick with the fish tanks :) That is a great non-profit! Thank you for the link

  3. That is truly a wonderful idea to take little one to Petco. It is inexpensive yet very enjoyable place. I also know some affordable Chicago venues where I take my kids on weekends. But on this weekend I would like to take them to Petco.