Wednesday, April 1, 2015

50 Non-Candy Ideas for an Easter Basket

This Sunday we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Chris. EASTER!

You wouldn't really know that if you visited  your local Target's Easter section. Unfortunately Easter is another holiday that is associated with baskets upon baskets of candy.  I went to Target yesterday to get some things for Sophia's class Easter party, and I think the only thing there that wasn't candy were decorations. At least in that section... I did find some little bouncy balls and Annie's snack packs to stuff into some eggs for their egg hunt. 

When I was there, I was stopped by a women who asked me what she could buy for her 11 month old Nephew. I had both girls with me, so she probably assumed I was a baby expert. :) I gave her a few ideas; books, bath toys, clothes...

I know there are probably way more people out there who need help in this department and while I'm no expert, I made a list for you! 

1. Crayons
2. Markers
3. Paint set
4. Coloring books
5. Chalk
6. Colored pencils
7. Blank canvases with finger paint 
8. Etch a sketch
9. Mag-Na-doodle
10. Play-Doh
11. Alphabet magnets
12. Easter Stamps
13. Spring outfit
14. Bracelet 
15. Earrings
16. Socks
17. Hat
18. Head band or Bow 
19. Bathing suit
20. Sunglasses
21. Sandals
22. Shoes
23. Rain boots
24. Umbrella 
25. Purse 
26. Wallet 
27. Sand bucket with sand toys
28. Pool toys
29.  Pool float
30.  Football
31. Volleyball
32. Baseball
33. Golf set 
34. Beach towel
35. Badminton set
36. Bubbles
37. Car or train 
38. Kite 
39. Gardening set
40. Book
41. Movie
42. CD
43. Toothbrush 
44. Flashlight
45. Silly straws 
46. Stickers
47. Hair brush
48. Annie’s snacks
49. Slinky
50. Legos

Shopping for a tiny under ONE?
1. Pacifier
2. Stuffed animal - cuddly bunny 
3. Cute onsie
4. Sippy cup
5. Bibbs
6. Bath toys
7. Baby bites - (Plum Organic Baby Super Puffs or other puff snacks)
8. Pajamas
9.  Musical book or toy

10. Finger puppets 

Happy Shopping!



  1. Great ideas! We lived up north as kids, and my mom always gave us fun colored chalk in our baskets since it was finally nice enough for us to write on our sidewalk! It's a good memory and no junk candy 😊

    1. Yes, chalk is such a fun outside activity!

  2. Great suggestions! This makes want to make lots of Easter baskets!! (Hmmm... maybe I will have to find an excuse to make one for my parents or a friend!)

    1. lol Easter baskets for everyone!! :)

  3. I love this! I always feel bad for the kids that are diabetic on these candy-laden Holidays. I think this is part of why we have so many obesity problems in the US. With Vday, Easter, Halloween, etc it seems like everyone always has a massive candy supply in the house. Kids don't need a huge basket of just candy.

    1. Me too! I absolutely hate that the Easter sections at stores are filled with 2 things: baskets and candy.