Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Photographer For a Day

Hump Day or "It's not Friday yet?!" Day? :)

I hope you are all doing well! 

What am I writing an email right now?!Let me start over...

Hey guys! :) 

The past few days I've been sucked into work while at the computer. While I haven't been at the computer I've been playing photographer, working out, and just being extremely tired. For some reason I can't shake this tiredness the past few days. I'm talking the kind of tired that you feel like you could sit back and fall asleep at any given moment. My eyeballs hurt...It's weird and I feel like I need an IV of espresso. Pronto!

About the whole photographer thing...
I was persuaded by Alisha to take her family maternity photos. We started out on Monday afternoon, but because of rain we had to reschedule the other half of the shoot for this evening. So call me photographer for the next few days..will ya? Please? :) 

I actually love taking pictures, but before I took Alisha's on Monday I told her I was used to taking pictures of chicken...and! You know, objects that don't really move or have opinions. FOOD! But I think it's been a fun experience, in a good way. I'm no professional but I can fake it for a few days.  

This post was totally random! :-/ I'll be back tomorrow with a regular, non random, blog post! Pinky promise!

Is it Friday yet?!


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