Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Goat Cheese & Blackberry Crackers

Hey guys! Is Tuesday worse or better than Monday? That stays up in the air...

Did you stay up and watch the NCAA Championship game? If not...Duke won. While that was going on I was up watching Southern Charm. :) So either way, we were up late and this Tuesday feels like a Monday for me.


Appetizers are one of my favorite things ever. At some restaurants I'd rather order a couple appetizers as a meal than order an actual entree. At LeeRoy Selmons, I usually just order their nachos and eat them as my meal (not the whole plate, but you get the idea...). I love the bite sized deliciousness of them and most of the time you cannot go wrong ordering appetizers. 

This past Sunday for Easter I made these quick, simple, yet yummy appetizers for my family after church. Just something to munch on while we were cooking.

Take crackers or crisps of any kind, top with goat cheese and blackberries. Drizzle with honey, and you're done!

I also made Buffalo Chicken Dip, which is a very popular but much more time consuming appetizer!

Have you ever ordered a bad appetizer? Let me know where so I don't make the same mistake!


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