Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

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Tuesday Thoughts:

The Boston Marathon was yesterday #MarathonMonday and I absolutely LOVED reading and watching all the incredible stories about some of the runners.How inspiring are these individuals, along with so many others?! Wow! 
Final Runner
Survivor Crosses Finsih Line

I feel like I haven't cooked a meal in weeks! It's actually been since Thursday, which is incredibly long for me! The weekends get so busy that take out is the only sane option, and then plans get made during the week (which I'm kind of against), but that's life sometimes and when friends want to catch up, most of the time, you need to go catch up! It's just one of those weeks that isn't slowing down.

I hate it when you open up a package that is supposed to be resealable, and totally ruin the seal while you open it. I let out a "dammit!" when that happens. #FirstWorldProblems

You don't realize stuff until it changes. Little things. Like really little. And I'm talking about grocery store layouts. The closest Publix to us now, after the move, is different than the Publix I used to frequent while living at our old house. I'm NOT liking the Publix I go to now. Even though it's bigger, I miss my old smaller Publix and knowing exactly where everything was. The current Publix is also a lot busier and food items are so picked over. Can you believe there has been NO strawberries the past two times I've gone grocery shopping?! The horror! #FirstWorldProbelms 

I hope you all have a great Tuesday and stay dry Tampa!


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