Monday, April 20, 2015

Boating Lessons & Weekend Recap

Hey guys!!

Happy Monday! I actually feel some what rested on this Monday, even after a day out on the boat. I went to sleep earlier than usual last night (around 9 pm) and woke up before my alarm (husband) woke me up.

The weekend was filled with colorful runs, house planning (never ending), and boating. 

Friday night was super low-key since Angelo had a soccer game. I went to Panera to pick up dinner and was drawn to their new "Broth bowls". I got the Soba Nooble bowl with Edamame. It was tasty! This meal doesn't look like a Panera meal, does it?!

Saturday we woke up early to go to the ColorMeRad5k! It was a great time and look for a Race Recap post later this week!

Sunday we woke up early AGAIN and headed out for a boating day! We all didn't even think about checking the marine forecast (dummies) and the winds were outrageous! We made it to Eggmont Key and were waiting for fellow boaters to show up. A text came through saying none of them were going out there because the chop was too much. I guess we were the only adventurers? to actually go there. The island was almost empty and after sighting an almost capsized boat, we called it a day and slowly made our way back to dock. 

Over the past year or so we've learned many many lessons about boating due to trial and error. So boating lesson of the day is to check marine forecast before every boat trip...any winds over 10 mph is not what we want. 
It was still a good time!

I hope you all day a wonderful weekend!


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