Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Are you glad to see Monday or grumpy that the weekend is over? 

Sophia's school is still celebrating Easter Holiday and there is no school today! It's going to be a relaxing day for us with NO PLANS! (Other than take daddy lunch at work...)

I've spent the first half of this morning cleaning up the Easter explosion in the living room. We celebrated Easter with about 7 different families throughout the weekend, and everyone gets everyone baskets. Overload.

Needless to say, I'm completely over Easter candy and want to throw it all away (when Sophia isn't looking). 

Our weekend started out with a trip to the zoo with Alisha & Harper on Good Friday.

Saturday we went to a precious little girl's birthday party down on the farm. There was a hayride, petting zoo...and this guy! Actually I think it was a lady named Maria. Wait, no that was the donkey's name. 

After the party we came home and Sophia colored eggs with Grammy!
Sophia, being a little artist, decided that painting them was much better than sitting around and watching the eggs get dyed in the cups. Agreed...

Then Sunday happened....EASTER! We went to church with the family, came home and ate a wonderful breakfast! Sat around for about 5 minutes, then took a trip to Luisa's house for dinner, swimming, and an egg hunt!

Easter Weekend was a successful! I'm so glad there is no school today and the girls & I got to sleep in. :)

How was your weekend?
Did you eat tons of food and candy? 


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