Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Simple Life

Do you spend enough time in NATURE? This article is perfect! READ

If you are new to my blog or this is your first time reading it, we recently bought a piece of property about 45 minutes outside of Tampa. We're going to build our "dream house", the dream house we can afford at this moment, on this piece of property. This is an entirely new experience for us. Not just the building of a house, but living in a rural area. Now, when I say rural, I don't mean out in the middle of nowhere. Kind of...

We're 6 minutes away from a Publix and about 15 minutes away from the nearest family member. AND we have neighbors! So, we're about as far "out in the middle of nowhere" as we feel comfortable with. 
Angelo attended our first HOA meeting last week to meet the neighbors and get the scope about the neighborhood and area. He was there for two hours. When he called me the first thing that came out of this mouth was a laugh and "so listen to this...." 

Basically he scared the comfortable feelings out of me when he started talking about wild hogs eating cats and hawks swooping down and taking out a dog's eye, and a neighbor seeing a bobcat. All scary stuff! Then some..SOME! comfortable feelings came back when he started talking about the property looking amazing (after it was cleared out), and how awesome the sunset looked, and just the calm feeling he got out there. He said when he was asking about the Internet services (important stuff!), one older gentleman said "boy, what do you want to come home and sit on your phone all night, or come home and enjoy your family and home?!" 

Isn't that the truth?!

It's definitely going to be a culture shock. Or maybe not...I mean it's not like the closest mall or gym isn't a short drive away still. 

Aside from the wild animals, I'm exited! Every time I go out there I get more excited. I'm excited to raise my kids there...close to nature. Our closest playground is a nature park. Our backyard is a nature park! It's a new adventure, and I'm looking forward to it!!

If only the building could get started... :) That's another post. 


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  1. That is amazing! Brad and I are also looking to build or renovate "middle-of-no-where" property so we can have a small farm (a few goats and chickens). It exactly like you said it, we don't spend enough time in nature! I want to teach my children that we can have a "disconnected" simple life and still live in the technology-driven world that we do.

    Your property looks gorgeous! I'll be looking out for the building post :) good luck!