Thursday, April 9, 2015

Signs you might want to have another baby

***Disclaimer: This post is in no way announcing I am expecting...***

Yesterday I got a text from school asking if I was expecting. 
Why in the world would they think that? 
Well, it turns out Sophia is telling everyone I have a baby boy in my belly. 

My best friend Alisha is expecting a boy in July so I'm thinking that's what Sophia meant. ALISHA, not me, has a baby boy in her belly. 

While I have my own plans for our next baby in terms of "when"...we all know our plans don't always work out the way we want them to.
When we announced Penelope was coming into this world!

It got me thinking though. What if Sophia is on to something? Kind of like a 6th sense, right? AM I pregnant?!

If I was pregnant I wouldn't be mad. Is that even a feeling when you see a positive pregnancy test?

I would be more like "OMG! What am I going to do?!" For reasons including that our current living situation is NOT ideal to bring another baby in. 

I have this constant battle in my mind. As I'm sure many do. 
I do want another baby...sometime...just not now? But then if I do turn out pregnant soon I'll feel like a jackass for saying that. So I take that back and whatever happens...happens. :)

Signs you might want to have another baby  
 1. You buy baby clothes that are too small for your kids just because they are on sale and too cute NOT to buy.  Someone will eventually need it....right?! 

 2. Your kids keep telling you they aren't babies anymore. Thanks for the reminder...{puts on sunglasses to hid tears}. 

 3. Your ovaries ache every time you see or hear a baby. This could be physiological or you might want to go have that checked out at the doctor. 

 4. You no longer remember any of the torturous sleepless nights, weaning nightmares, or anything not-so-fun about babies. Having another baby just reminds of you happiness, rainbows, and unicorns. Ignorance is bliss. 

 5. Your husband agrees with you. What?! This might only happen for a short time so take advantage while he's in the same mind frame as you for once! 

 6. When you had baby #2, your first child went from 2 to 15 over night. That same child, now 4 seems like she's about to pack up for college. Your 1 year old? Well she might as well have her drivers license. Why do they grow up so fast?! 

7. Your youngest is about to be an age where breastfeeding may not be socially acceptable, but you have no intention to wean any time soon. 

8. Your house starts to seem too small even though everyone has their own room and you can re-enact the Sound of Music "The Hills are Alive" scene in your living room.  You know once you get all the baby gear down from the attic you'll feel claustrophobic. 

 9. You used to think about all the stuff you would get done once your baby starts preschool. Now the only thing that seems right is having another baby to take care of. 

10. You may have just returned to work from maternity leave, but you're thinking about your next one already. 

 11. Everyone you know is getting pregnant. Even though you already have 2 or 3 kids, everyone is doing it... so why not?!  

 12. You already have all the baby stuff you could possibly need. Why not give that bouncer a second, third, or fourth life? Recycling is good.

You may show 1 or all of these signs. 

It may be a constant back and forth.
It may be that you have these signs, but know there is no way another baby is in the books for you. 

It's all a crazy mental game we have with ourselves and sometimes we just need to RELAX and let go. Let life happen because you know what? If Plan A doesn't work, don't worry! The alphabet has 25 more letters. 



  1. Awww, I have baby fever so so bad...but my husband is not on the same page while he finishes grad school. He is so not #5! LOL

    1. LOL! Yes, I know a few men in his position!