Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Current Situations: Portable Closets

Happy Hump Day!! 
I hope your week has been busy and productive OR relaxing and rejuvenating. Either way, hope it's been good! It's almost done and the weekend is in sight! YAY weekends!

Yesterday morning I had a school PTF meeting which ran until 11:00 a.m, then I met Alisha for lunch at our favorite local place, Dellas

Lunch with best friends is always fun because there seems to ALWAYS be something to chat about! If Alisha and I don't see each other for a week or so, we can sit there and talk for hours about our lives just in that past week, even though we text daily. Isn't that something? Women be talking...

Afterwards it was time to get Sophia, come home, and put up my new "closet"! 

Since we are living with my parents at the moment, we are basically living in 2 bedrooms. One bedroom has our beds, and the other is a big closet/living room/man cave. We have a lot of stuff packed into this "all-inclusive" bedroom and it has been functional to the minimum. Gymnastic moves and hurdles were needed just to get dressed every morning. 

With two bedrooms, that means two closets. The girl's clothes are taking up one and Angelo's clothes are taking up the other. That leaves my clothes with no where to live... The solution to this problem has been portable clothing racks. I bought one at Target for $20 and the other day I noticed it leaning heavy towards one side. If a bookshelf (the room is also a library) wasn't there to hold it up, I'm positive it would have already been on the ground. When I tried to fix it, the plastic piece on one side completely snapped apart, alas, sending all my clothes tumbling to the ground. Let me also tell you that this happened LAST WEDNESDAY. So for the past week, all my clothes have been on the floor. 

This is the rickety rack my clothes was slowly destroying. 

Finally on Saturday, I was able to get to Target to buy a new closet. This time I splurged and bought the $60 one with side shelving! Much cooler and so much more exciting than the last. It's stupid how excited I was about this closet system. Well, obviously not THAT excited if it took me another 3 days to set it up. (Never enough time in these days, I tell ya!) I was patiently waiting for Angelo to do it, but that never happened... :)

So I am happy to show off my newest pride and joy... this closet system. If you live in a studio apartment, you may be familiar with these.

I should have taken pictures of it in the room to show you the masterpiece! I did on Snapchat, but that's no good for this blog post. Use your imagination and hopefully I'll get some pictures of our living situation on here to show you what we're working with.

This leaves me to tell you the current situation with our new home build. The property we purchased to build a home is in a small "equestrian" neighborhood, therefore, we have a HOA. The HOA denied our house plans on Friday. Something about the garage being a certain way and blah blah. Give me a break...
Our builder, Kevin, is drawing up some options for us...and that's the latest in the "Building a New Home" saga.



  1. Oh no! I hope the HOA approves something soon. My parents had a house built in Trinity not that long ago and some similar issues. Great to run into you last night!

  2. I give you a lot of credit moving in with your parents while building a home! I don't care how great they may be, sharing space is tough. And not having a place to hang your clothes? That would make me insane! Sorry about the slight hiccup with the HOA but good luck moving forward.

    1. It is tough, but luckily I find the parking/car situation the toughest right now. :)

  3. Oh goodness! I hope they approve you super super soon! Way to be smart with the closet situation, though! :)

  4. That's an interesting solution. If there's no other place you can store those clothes, then it might be best to go with portable closets. Though there's still an elegance in having the classic one for yourself. Maybe in the future, you can find a way to set up a closet that is on a fixed and stable location, within the architecture of your room itself.

    Angella Frasier @ 4-Wardrobe