Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My first RocksBox

Happy Wednesday!!

Yesterday was a ME day for a couple hours at the hair salon, followed by lunch with Alisha, racing to work to get an hour of work done, racing to get Sophia, then back home to craft it up for End of the Year gifts followed by 3 hours of cooking eggplant. 

We have so many eggplants ready to eat on our TowerGarden, and I'm hoping to get another TowerGarden up and running soon, so look forward to eggplant recipes on the blog because theys a coming!. (Longest sentence ever)
If you don't like eggplant, you can always sub it out for another vegetable of your choice. Sweet potatoes or regular potato would be good ones.

I wanted to share with you my latest adventure in life: Rocksbox
I went out to dinner with a fellow blogger, Lora Hogan, at CopperFish a couple weeks ago. Noticing her jewelry, I gave her a compliment.  She started telling me about RocksBox and it turns out she's an "It girl" for Rocksbox and offered me a free shipment! How cool! See? It pays to compliment people!

What is Rocksbox?
From the Website: Rocksbox was created “to help women everywhere enhance their style through an ever-rotating selection of jewelry, chosen for them and sent directly to their doors.”

In a nutshell, Rocksbox is kind of like Netflix but for jewelry. You wear the three pieces they send however many times you’d like and when you want new stuff, send them back and get 3 new pieces. A girl's dream of a revolving door of jewelry deliveries. 

This couldn't have sounded more perfect for me. I like to think I'm a rather simple person. The majority of my days are lived in a simple wardrobe, minimal makeup, and minimal jewelry. I wear simple diamond studs that rarely leave my ears and a wedding ring, which sometimes I even contemplate on switching to a plain diamond band.

With that being said, I just don’t buy jewelry too often because I rarely wear it. I buy the occasional statement necklace here and there for family photos or nights out.
The only reason I have Bourbon&Bowties or Alex and Ani bangles is because they were all gifts. Thank you to my friends who keep me up on the latest fashion trends!

So I went on Rocksbox website,  took the survey, and entered the code to receive my free box! 
About a week later my first RocksBox arrived!

Inside there was a necklace, ring, and pair of earrings.

I wore the necklace three times (record setting) last week and my mom kept asking me if I was going to buy it because I liked it so much. Necklaces just change your whole outfit sometimes, right?! 
The ring I wore once because it's a little big and I didn't want to lose it. I really liked the ring though and already went onto to change my ring size for my next shipment! (Who am I?!)
I don’t see myself ever wearing these earrings. I’m more of a stud lover, in regards to earrings. Maybe I’ll give them a try this weekend before I send the box back for another one. You never know until you try!
So in all, I really enjoyed my first RocksBox! I feel like it made me step outside my routine and into this world of wearing jewelry. A great world indeed! The jewelry that was picked for me matched my taste almost perfectly (that's what the survey is for). Simple classic pieces that aren’t clunky and big. 

Wearing jewelry can make you feel pretty fancy and change your outfit and/or attitude!

My three year old tells me it's always the right time to wear jewelry. She thinks jewelry should even be worn to bed so when you wake up you can put on your pearls and heels and be ready to conquer the world! (Lessons learned from a 3 year old...)

If you think you'd like to experience Rocksbox, check out their website! Let me know what you think!

Do you do any subscription boxes like Rocksbox? 



  1. I love the necklace and the ring! I wouldn't wear the earrings though. I love the idea of this service, but I don't think I would get my money's worth out of it. Plus, I do have all of those makeup subscription boxes that I pay for. :)

    1. Yes I really enjoyed it and glad I did it. I used to get the Birchbox subscription but cancelled a few months ago because I felt like my bathroom drawers were overloaded with samples that I never got around to using. I really like the whole idea of all those services though!