Thursday, May 14, 2015

McDonald's Has Gone Kale....

McDonald's has gone kale and I don't care

This is going to be a “sorry I’m not sorry” kind of post. If you buy foods from McDonalds or eat McDonald’s salads, that’s your prerogative. I’m not judging. I’m simply typing out my thoughts.


I know the exact date the last time I ate McDonald's. It was August 12, 2011. The day my first daughter was born. I had a Sausage McGriddle upon request after giving birth. It was my requested "after birth" meal. In true pregnant form I wanted that McGriddle so bad! I ate it and it didn't even live up to its expectation in my mind. 

Before that, I remember getting out of a movie, about 20 weeks pregnant, starving. Angelo and I headed to McDonald's and while in the drive thru I got a call from my sister to congratulate me on finding out we were having a little girl. After I told her where we were she reamed me for feeding that poor excuse for food to my unborn child. She then gave me endless other options to eat that didn't consist of fast food. At the time I wanted that burger and I ate the burger. And that was my last McDonald's burger.

Side note: My sister is what I call an eco-friendly vegan who has numerous degrees showing me that she knows what she's talking about when it comes to nutrition. If there is someone who is “one-with-nature”, it’s her.

I'll never forget that phone call and it was the beginning of the end of me being a McDonald's and many other fast food restaurant customer. That phone call made me think about what I was eating and feeding my unborn child. It made me think about WHY I was eating. For nutrients and energy. Was that McDonald's burger giving me the best nutrients and fuel my body needed? That the growing human inside me needed? No it wasn't. 

So all these years I haven’t even given McDonald’s any mind. Except I do use their restrooms during road trips sometimes…

Then, yesterday I read that McDonald's is adding kale to their menu. My first initial reaction was "WTF?"  While I think this CAN be a good thing(??), I also can't help but believe that McDonald's will some how manage to create a kale entree that will be anything but healthy. 

Take their oatmeal for one. I remember when they came out with it and everyone was talking it being a "healthy option". I think they even marketed it as healthy, maybe they still do. I have no idea. But when you took a deeper look, you found out it was far from healthy.  How can they put oatmeal on a menu, market it as a healthy option, and add more sugar to it than that of a snickers bar? Leave it to McDonald's.

McDonald's needs to stick with what they're known for and make THAT better. Stick with burgers and fries and make them better!! Stop feeding people chemicals and start feeding them REAL food. Don't just stick kale on your menu and think people will forget how terribly non-nutritious your other food is. 

End Rant.


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