Friday, May 8, 2015

Five Hard Truths You Learn as a Mom

Mother's Day is Sunday, but we all can agree that showing our moms appreciation all year round is what needs to be done. At least that's what I tell Angelo on the regular. :)

I have been blessed to have so many incredible moms in my life. 
My birth mom, all my "second" moms who put up with my shenanigans in grade school, and all my best friends that have become moms right along side me.

One of my favorite "mom quotes" : 
"There is no way to be a perfect mom, but a million ways to be a good one". -Jill Churchill

Although I think all the moms in my life are perfect in their own way, we do seem to put a lot of pressure on ourselves and need to be reminded daily that we are good moms. Every day will not be perfect, but looking back at the years, they will all seem perfect in every way. A perfect we will miss with a deep feeling in our souls. 
Heck, I already miss those first few days of motherhood when you bring home your new baby for the first time! And my oldest is only 3 years old. Imagine what our moms think...imagine what our grandmothers think?! 
They call me mom

Five Hard Truths You Learn as a Mom

It's hardwork: The best most innocent feelings of being a mom is when you're pregnant. You can't wait to meet your baby, you can't wait to dress them in the cutest clothes, and you can't wait to just snuggle and star at them for hours. If you've already been-there-done-that, you know that's the absolute LEAST part of being a mom. It's the hardest job in the world and NO ONE can convince me otherwise.  My girlfriends and I were talking the other day about it.I sometimes hate saying "job" when talking about moms. We don't get vacations, we don't get to quit, and it certainly doesn't fill our bank accounts every other Friday. When your a mom you are ALWAYS on the job. ALWAYS on call. and ALWAYS worrying about your kids. 

The Worry Never Stops: Moms worry about EVERYTHING. I'm so guilty of making the strangest, out of the world, scenarios in my head that get me worried sick for no damn reason. I hear my kid scream bloody murder and I can't see her. Then 100 million things race through my head that might of made her do that. I run to find out, in panic, and discover that that cry was because she couldn't get the sliding glass door open on her own. Almost everything we worry about, seems to never actually happen. 

Your Kids Aren't Perfect: No matter how much you want your kid to be the smartest, tallest, cutest, fastest, whatever; it doesn't always turn out that way. Not everyone can be the BEST but everyone can be the BEST they can be. 
No matter how much you want them to achieve something, it has to be what THEY want to achieve. I know I'm new in the game and haven't been to the stage of competitive sports or any competition really, but I do remember the first race Sophia was in two years ago. It was the Gasparilla Kids Race and while it's a very short distance, I wanted Sophia to WIN! (Silly) The gun went off and she slowly pranced, making sure she waited for the girl behind her to catch up before crossing the finish line. Lesson learned. All our kids are unique, and it's achieving THEIR goals, and excelling in THEIR talents that will truly make us proud parents because that's when they will be the happiest. And that's the ultimate goal, isn't it?

You are the Mom of your child: This may sound like a total DUH. You get so much advice from people when you become a mom its overwhelming at times. You learn that while some advice is needed and appreciated (when asked for), a lot of it is what helped with their kids, and won't necessarily help with yours. You will create a bond with your child that allows you to sometimes know exactly what your child needs. This might not be right away, but it'll happen. If you think your baby needs to be held...a lot...and people tell you you're spoiling your baby. Hold your baby a lot. You know who is spoiled? A 15 year old girl demanding a BMW for her first car. Not a baby being held.

Taking Care of Yourself Is Important: If you have a baby, an 8 year old, or one about to leave for college, it's always important to treat yo'self. Now, treating yourself when you become a mom looks a lot different. Yes, a pedicure, massage, and new designer purse is nice, but you know what's really a treat? Eating an entire meal without interruptions, reading a book while sipping a coffee/tea, a good night's sleep, a trip to the grocery store without kids, going pee without someone starring at you, or just getting to sit down and star out into space for 15 minutes. that's what I call a treat! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my mama you'll be.



  1. I loved this post! Being a soon-to-be-mom myself, it's nice to read about some of the truths of motherhood :) Sometimes I think about those hard truths and how they apply to just being a mom to dogs/cats (I have three) but I know it will be much more difficult (and rewarding!) for our actual babies.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. At any stage of motherhood, it is hard. Even with adult child you still me :) Thanks for sharing via #TBB #FridayShareFest