Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kate Middleton Is a Mom Like Us

The newest royal Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana (swoon) was born over the weekend. Then 10 hours later the Duchess of Cambridge walked out of the hospital looking like she was walking out of a spa retreat. She looked gorgeous AND was wearing heels to top off the madness.

Then came the articles. Article after article how Kate is some sort of super human for looking fabulous after giving birth. Oh yeah, the baby is as cute as ever too! 

This is my response to those.
When I looked at the photos I didn't think "OH MY GOODNESS! How in the world is she pulling THAT off?!" 

I thought what a special and precious moment that was for their family, yes, she did look gorgeous, and yes Princess Charlotte is beyond cute!

From articles I've read, it's like the rest of us peasants are some sort of pathetic excuse for women. We must look like we crawled out of the sewer after giving birth or it didn't really happen.

I'd like to think that if I had people waiting on me hand and foot doing my hair, makeup, and wardrobe I could pull off looking put together for a mere 15 minutes in front of the world. 

If I was about to show my baby off to literally the world, I would probably be doing push-ups bleeding and crying on the floor 30 minutes before you saw me. 

With a great team, anyone (well maybe not anyone...) can pull off faking it for a few minutes for pictures.

Heck I can clean an entire house, get two kids dressed, and get two dogs a little less sloppy in 5 minutes flat if I know someone is coming over to my house. And that's just one person, imagine if I were hosting some sort of televised party!

So here's where I'm going with this: Let's give ourselves some credit moms. All us none royal moms up in here! :) Some of you are like "Who you calling non-royal?!" 

We can show off our little 8 lb turkeys we just pushed out of our bodies hours after giving birth and look amazing doing it.

Have you ever looked at pictures from other parent's birth stories and thought "wow she looks amazing!" I have and they weren't pictures produced by Kensington Palace. They were pictures produced by some new proud father's/accountant-by-day camera from Rhode Island.

Moms, you are beautiful. You are amazing. You can fake a smile and look absolutely stunning hours after giving birth. Even if your whole body aches. And I've seen so many of you do it!

The Duchess of Cambridge is a gorgeous women. But she's not a super women. She's human. She's one of US, the world's club of moms! Or is that mums?



  1. Drops mic. I did say wow she looks fantastic when I saw the photos and immediately after I thought well I would have too if I had a glam squad and had to show my baby to all of planet earth. My birth pictures are horrible but it's because they were just for me. I didn't have my son during he social media age. If I were to have a child today I would probably call my own glam squad over and wow you all on Instagram lol Hope you have a happy monther's day!!

    1. Right!? My birth pictures aren't glamorous by any means but they're still beautiful, as yours are too! :) Thank you love! Happy Mothers Day to you too!

  2. I think she looks totally fab, but I didn't think for a second that it's because she's super human. She's frickin' royally. You know they fancied her up for the occasion. For my hospital birth, which was cesarean, I brought my makeup bag, full of concealers and highlighters, to help soften the appearance of bags and wrinkles that I was concerned about showing up in our hospital pictures. I hate to think other moms would compare themselves and think I look like that naturally. It's all smoke and mirrors.

  3. Yes she has a lot of help to look that gorg, although I think she'd still be gorgeous without help! :)